Work In Progress: Dog Ride Quest

Right now, I am making a gamebook, "Dog Ride Quest" and this is a work in progress project what I'm currently working on. If you never heard of this gamebook, this is a game that focus on riding dogs via this quest game. It's also going to have links to other gamebooks hosted on my own website.
Although; this game is going to be free to play, but I've added a donation page for people to donate to my game to support development of this game what I am developing.
Why I am making this game because, I once ridden on a back of a dog since childhood, and my imagination still has this concept, and I decided to turn it into a game. I also have a dream of riding a large poodle on November, 2004. However; my dream like this is really coming back.
You can also make your own quest game that focused on riding dogs.
What's Dog Ride Quest In General?
Dog Ride Quest is a text-adventure game that takes you to a world that gives you an ability to ride a dog. You are deployed into a car-free city, and you start off at your house. One of these dog types enables you to get a longer quest, but you need to choose a dog to ride carefully.
Here are 4 dog types to choose from via initial gameplay:
Pit Bull
Each dog takes you to a different place, enabling you to go on an adventure.
This game is also licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0 License, so you can reuse it, and make your own game that is based-on this game. You are free to play this game, please provide me feedback, if you found any bugs. If you found them, I'll fix them as soon as possible.
Is this game free?
This game is free to play online, there are no paywalls, but a donation prompt... however; a donation before playing this game is optional.
Is this game designed for little kids only?
No, this game is for everybody! Diversity is key for my audience.
Does it contain any fetish?
No, there's no fetishism found. I believe fetishism is considered taboo.
Why there are choices to pick instead of typing commands?
This is easier for players to make a choice in this game.
Is it a first-person format?
Yes, this is a first-person format.
Does it have DRM?
There's no DRM enabled.
Be aware; this game may be updated as external gamebooks hosted elsewhere. Here's a link to this game that is being worked on:

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