The Brothers RPG

Hi! Mat of System Masters here, author of The Shack and the upcoming The Foundation, it's direct sequel.

I'm currently creating (whilst finishing up The Foundation) a fully fledged RPG, and I'm launching a Kickstarter for it on the 1st of July. It will run for exactly 30 days!

I really need all the help I can get to get it off the ground, so please, visit the site where you can follow the dev diaries:

And bookmark the Kickstarter page. You can preview it right now, but there'll be more added before it goes live! The link will continue to work once the project does go live:

If you've never used Kickstarter before, a bit of useful info:

Any pledge you make won't be taken out of your account until the campaign finishes. You can alter or remove your pledge until then.

If it doesn't meet it's modest goal, NOTHING will be taken from ANYONE and the campaign will fail. It's all or nothing.

So, take a look at the game, see what you think and support this struggling one man dev team trying to make great games!

Thank you!

KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK, SPREAD THE WORD, and (possibly) back the project :D

Good luck :)

A battleaxe tutor? That's flipping cool, man!

Haha, cheers!

There's a video up now too. I don't have much to show at this early stage, but for anyone who can pledge, I'd really appreciate it! Even just a fiver!

If you can't, don't worry! Stick it out there on Twitter, Facebook or whatever you use. With the link, obviously :-D I'd really appreciate that.

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