Digestion Vore Game

This is my new game! I have yet to release the game fully due to bugs and I need a stomach sound effect, but I want to post my game here!

Digest in the Dragon's belly!
Suggested age to play is 18+.


Gave it a shot.
I don't really understand what's the deal with "vore" as a whole, but sure it's a weird and interesting concept.
There are no other places than Bed and dragon's digestion system, which limits the game in my opinion.

My game is mostly supposed to be about digestion simulation! If you want a real game, you can play one of my other games, if you like.

I made a few additional changes to my game.

  1. Added sound!
  2. Added additional dialogue with Ko Draco.
  3. Adjusted the thumbnail picture.

My game link is in the first post.

Randomly came back there to see if something happened. Gotta say, that chest, voodoo thing and dialogues definetly added to the game. Things would be a little better if the digestion sound stopped after we teleported into bedroom back. Great job!

Well thank you!

The game is done now, by the way!
Game here! https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/nmttplgmnue4vmudzs4ovg/dragon-digestion-vore-game

The game is now adult, meaning it's for 18+ adults. Enter your age in your profile to play the game.

can't seem to play it even though I am over 18

Is your age entered/stored in your profile?

If you can't see adult games, check that your age is set correctly on your profile. If you haven't entered it, you will need to log off and then sign in again after saving the correct profile data.

im 21 and i want to try this game can you ha e it to where i can play it

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