Variables in Status Window

How do I make variables in the status window display a name other than their actual value?

For example, i have a race called Dark Elves. In the character creation screen I make a choice for the player to be a Dark Elf and use set variable to change 'player_race' to 'darkelf' (makes it easier to code). However, when the player picks Dark Elf as their race, the status menu shows 'Race: darkelf'. Is there anyway to make the proper name display?

If it's not too much trouble I'd like to get all my help in QDK...I have no clue how to use the ASL editor yet. :?

Why not set a different variable for display purposes? e.g. you could still have player_race set to "darkelf", but you could also set "player_race_display" to "Dark Elf" and use that as the status variable.

oh that can work...and then just have both variables set off the same thing. wow cant believe i didnt think of that...thats a huge help thanks!

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