I can't edit my game

the game won't leave the loading screen, when the tab bar has the title quest it turns into undefined and won't work anymore. The loading looks like it's loading but it won't continue to let me edit. If I try to publish, nothing will publish. It will say it "Timed out" same with download.

I activated Devmode and that's when this all happened, I can play the preview version of the game but I am unable to publish. download, and now I can't edit it when I need to.

I figured out what i did wrong, if you turn on devmode and press the tick button where you can make the player start at a new spot in-game and then turn on devmode, it ruins the editor and makes it the way you may be able to play but there is an error and it won't let you edit the game, anymore, leaving it in a state of loading and the tab's name changes from quest to undefined. Can anybody help with this?

Sounds like Quest is down right now. I recommend looking at this thread.


Thanks Floating_Turtles for the topic you shared, very helpful information! mapquest directions

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