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I only just recently discovered Quest. I'm creating an educational board game where part of it - the conversation with NPCs - is done online on a webpage.
My question is whether Quest is the right tool to create these NPC conversations:
The player sees a picture (a 'room') and is given four options under the picture.
Examples could be: 'Who are you?', 'Ask him about the suitcase', 'What are you doing?'
The player clicks an option and is shown an answer.
After the option has been selected it disappears and the player can choose from the other available options.

Each of the above options must require something. During the board game the players earn Time/hours, and if for example they choose 'Ask him about the suitcase' I need the script to subtract -1 hour.
And, the players can only choose two of the three to four options in each room.

Basically, what I'd love to use Quest for is to show the player a room (essentially a picture of the room with a discription) and then three to four options that cost something (hours) and hides the already used options.

It would be absolutely amazing if someone would write to me just the basics of how to accomplish this.
Thank you,

I whould set a atribute named 'time' to the player object and use a script to lower that atribuve value as part of the response to the chosen question.

I will edit this reply to show an example soon...

Thank you very much! I look forward to that.
When it comes to the options/questions it looks like this could be very useful:



Are you specifically wanting to make a parser? Meaning a text adventure, where the player uses the keyboard to enter commands?

Or are you just wanting something where the player can click on different choices depending on the current circumstances?

If you're wanting the latter, I would advise using Squiffy.

Either way, we can help you out. (Just making sure we know what you're wanting before getting into too many details.)


Ignore this. I now see from your other posts that you have already started coding in Quest.

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