counting days

Hello! I am trying to create a game and need to count days. so basically i want a certain set of pages to be repeated 15 times, then open an option to continue the game forward. I'm going to have the player roll a die, select the page based off what they roll, then go back to the page where they need to roll a die. i need them to do this 15 times, then the options for going to pages based off the rolls disappears and an option to continue forward to appear. ive been trying to get a counter working that will increase by one every time they enter the page but havent been able to get it working. can someone help please? thanks! btw im doing a gamebook, not text adventure.

Never mind I got it to work!

Edit: It now counts up one when I go to the page, but I need it to count up one EVERY time I go to the page, not just the first time.

Sounds like a cool text adventure!

It is quite cool, I'm close to being done, but I'm just having this one problem that if I cant solve I'll have to create a bunch of duplicate pages. sigh
It's called The Pink Triangle, I'll let you figure out what that means ;)

Just figured it out. I had it setting the counter to 0 every time you enter a page.

Edit: EVERYTHING IS WORKING FINE NOW!!! I FIGURED EVERYTHING OUT! YAY! the problem was i had it reset the counter every time it entered a page, got rid of that bit and it worked.

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