Increase Quest's memory allocation to prevent crashing?

There's nothing worse than wrapping up work on some heavy scripting, only for Quest to hitch up and throw that damn 'outofmemory' exception error at me. Even with me splitting things into multiple functions, this still happens sometimes; having happened just now, in fact, hence me posting this.

Any advice on dealing with it? The worst part is that it'll throw the error... and then repeatedly keep on showing it in new windows until you force-quit the program, meaning if you didn't save, you're boned. I save religiously anyway, but uuuuugh.

(I tend to reset Quest every couple of days to prevent this buildup, but sometimes I forget, y'know?)


Whenever I'm editing a big game, I have to remember to close Quest and open it back up every 5 or 10 minutes or so.

It seems to have something to do with the editor's "Undo" feature. I'm not 100% on that, though.

I rarely use undo.

It used to be that I'd get a crash when opening a particularly big script for the 5th time in a single session and yeah, y'know, that's on me. (I really need to split my Special Attacks list into multiple functions sorted by type.)

But the memory just keeps on climbing, now, even if I'm only working with light scripting, until!... boom, there it goes. Have to save every couple of actions, which I suppose is a good habit to have, but... bleh. One feels less inclined to get work done if the scaffolding feels ready to collapse any moment, y'know?

I never use Undo either, but Quest still saves Undo states in memory. The bigger the game, the more memory the undo states fill up.

The only "fix" I found was breaking the code down into library files. That way, all the text wasn't in the main game file and things ran more smoothly. Not smoothly, mind you, but better than with the one huge file loaded in the editor.

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