Quick Question on Clothes

Heya all,

I usually manually give the player a series of attributes, i.e "top" "bottom" "bra" "pants" and use If statements figure out what they're wearing, or warning them if they're not properly dressed. For example

  if (player.bottom = "") {
    if (player.bra = "") {
      if (player.panties = "") {
        msg ("You are stark naked.")
    else {
      if (player.  etc etc etc= ) {

Any item that is put on fills out the relevant attribute with a string. It's simple and reliable.

This time I'm trying to use the built-in Wearable system.

What would be the simplest way to determine if a player is or isn't wearing? I can't seem to find what attributes alter when a player puts on a piece of clothing.

It might be that my usual method of doing things is much simpler, but I thought I'd give an ask and see.


The only things I know that change are the player's worn boolean attribute and its alias gets " (worn)" added or removed from the end of it, depending on whether donning or doffing.

I haven't fooled with clothing too much, but I happened to fool around with it a little bit last night. It looks like the number we can set is the layer, and 1 means nothing else can go underneath, and the other field is slot, where you would put "bottom" or "top" or whatever you decided to use.


Someone with actual knowledge concerning this will more than likely chime in soon (I hope).

I think I've found a way around this.

I found Advanced Options for Wearables in Game Features which offers a bonus to player attributes.

I turned the attribute player.top into an integer rather than a string and set in to 0.
Then I set the shirt to give +1 to player.top.
Thus a player wearing a shirt has a top value of 1 and a player without a shirt has a top value of 0.

Now I can use if player.top = 1 or = 0 to determine if they're wearing a shirt or not. Seems like a simple solution, but there might be more direct ways around this that I'm not yet aware of.

The system you'd normally use is probably "slots"

To find out if a player is wearing a particular garment, you can do (for example):

if (GetBoolean (pink shirt, "worn")) {

To find out if a player is wearing anything on a specific body part, you would have a slot named "top", and do something like:

top = GetOuterFor (game.pov, "top")
if (top = null) {
  msg ("You are topless!")
else {
  msg ("You are wearing " + GetDisplayName (top))

the function GetOuterFor gives you the object which has the highest layer for a given slot; so it will tell you what garments an NPC could see.

Hi, thanks for your question and also the answer to it JenniferKline))) Just like you I turned the player.top attribute into an integer instead of a string and set the value to 0....this made everything very easy!!! Thank you very much

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