Can someone give me an example of using ListWorn? I've tried everything and nothing seems to work and that function is not explained in the wearables section. What I want to be able to do is list an object on a specific layer.

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Does this help?

Not really. I saw that. What I want to be able to do is list what is worn in a particular location. So if a player entered "Look at Jack's chest". I can list all the items worn on that location. We have GetOuter but I don't see a command for listing all items in a particular location.

Also, when I use GetOuter the output is putting "Object:" in front of the item. Is there a way for it not to do that?


I can't get to Quest right now, but it sounds like GetOuter() is returning an object. Try something like:

msg (o.alias)

Also, while perusing the code on GitHub, I found this code in CoreWearable.aslx:

  Returns all the garments visible for the given char.
  Note that garments that are not assigned to slot will NOT be included.
  This is unit tested.
<function name="ListVisibleFor" parameters="char" type="objectlist">
    ol = newObjectList()
    foreach (s, Slots()) {
      o = GetOuterFor(char, s)
      if (not o = null and not ListContains(ol, o)) {
        list add (ol, o)
    return (ol)

Hopefully you can lift some code from that.

Also, to Pixie:

This page is all messed up:

Sorry. I'm not big on wearables.

...but perhaps my bumbling will inspire someone more knowledgeable to chime in.

listing all items in a particular location

The function you want is _GetList (character, slot).

For example:

msg ("Jack is wearing " + FormatList (_GetList (jack, "chest"), ", ", "and", "nothing") + " on his chest.")

(Note that I've used FormatList to turn an object list into text output, because it's easier than doing it manually)

That was a perfect solution. Thank you everyone for the help.

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