How do I Show Description Before a Printed Message?

I am not good at understanding code, I have tried to learn but it is far too complicated when all the symbols and numbers come in, so I am using the simple Gamebook feature.

I am experimenting with flags and such in the Gamebook's script+text area. I know how to set pages to flag on/off, and know where to go to add in a print message, though it prints it at the top of the page. I have a description where the print message doesn't make sense being there and needs to be added underneath the description.

I was wondering if anyone knew a way of making this happen, or if I have to deal with the message display at the top.

I was also trying to have a player add their name but after looking through Gamebook forums I can't find the 'Get Input' part in the script list, so was wondering if there is another way of adding a name or not.

Edit: I would much prefer to stay with Gamebook as I am making a simple CYOA game.
Edit 2: On second thought, I think I will drop the project entirely. Sorry to be a bother.

Easiest way: don't use any text in the description field, but first output the general text in the script with msg().

Or include the message in the text section (using {if and similar text-processor directives in place of the script commands if necessary)

One way would be to store the message instead of printing it. For example, in the script section you could have a command like:

player.message_after_text = "PS: Your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!"

and at the bottom of the text section, where you want the message to appear, you would have a line with:


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