Background Margin not Showing After Upload

Hi all --

As the topic says: after uploading my quest file (privately; getting some feedback), the background margin image is not showing. It's a PNG, and it's in the same folder as the game itself when I go to publish. Also, playing the published game straight from the published file has the correct background margin image. Any ideas what is up?


dr. dubz


My guess is your issue involves capitalization.

Quest desktop doesn't care if your filename is "image.png", "Image.png", "IMAGE.PNG", or anything in-between, but the internet is case-sensitive.

This is only a guess, mind you. It could be something completely different, like cross-browser compatibility, but it's usually capitalization.

You were correct in spirit. My filename had a space in it.

You were correct in spirit.

That's the story of my life!


"my image.png" VS "my\ image.png"!


After using Linux for a couple of years, I finally got into the "my_image.png" habit. (It's a pain in the butt at first, but habitually using underscores for spaces will save tons of future headaches!)

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