Creating Timers in Gamebooks

Hello! I'm very new to this all and am creating a gamebook. I know that gamebooks are far less popular than text adventures, but I've already started and don't want to start over. I need assistance with creating a timer in a gamebook. I'm still not sure whether this is possible or not.
For example, I want to set a timer that starts when you enter x page. If you don't make it to y page within the time limit, you are shown z page. (Which is basically the page that shows you that you have lost.) I was also wondering whether you can put silent music in as a timer, and maybe when it ends you are shown to page z. I'm not sure.
Can anyone help me to set this timer? Is it possible? Thank you!

I think Quest timer's aren't available in gamebook mode. However, you can have a javascript timer.

Something like:

JS.eval("window.timername = setTimeout(function () {sendCommand('page z')}, 25000);")

This uses the name of a command, and simulates the player clicking on a link to it. The time is specified in milliseconds, so my example would send you to page z after 25 seconds.

And then on page y, you would cancel the timer:

JS.eval("if (window.timername) { clearTimeout(window.timername); window.timername = 0;}")

This works! Thank you.

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