Is the a way to add new levels?

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to have levels in your game. Like a whole new play area, scenes I believe other engines call them. This would be useful for being able to transition from a planet to a ship, or vice versa. Thanks!

didn't mean to post this twice xD my bad.

You can update your game at any time, whether that is correcting bugs, or adding a whole new planet. When you publish/upload, your game will get updated.

Note that players with saved games will not see the updates, as the saved game is actually the whole game (playing the game is kind of like editing your own version), so when it is loaded, the old version will get loaded.

but how would you make a new 'room', cuz it would be weird to see 2 boxes on the map, with one being ground, and the other being a whole other planet, ya know?

You'd want to remove the attribute grid_coordinates from the player.

Very simply, doing:

player.grid_coordinates = null

will clear the map.

If you want to have separate maps for space and the planet (for example), here's a quick script off the top of my head. Give the player a script attribute named changedcurrentmap, like this:

if (not HasAttribute (this, "alternatemaps")) {
  this.alternatemaps = NewDictionary()
if (IsDefined ("oldvalue")) {
  if (not oldvalue = null) {
    if (DictionaryContains (this.alternatemaps, oldvalue)) {
      dictionary remove (this.alternatemaps, oldvalue)
    dictionary add (this.alternatemaps, oldvalue, Grid_GetPlayerCoordinateDictionary (this))
  this.grid_coordinates = null
if (DictionaryContains (this.alternatemaps, this.currentmap)) {
  this.grid_coordinates = DictionaryItem (this.alternatemaps, this.currentmap)
Grid_Redraw ()

(not properly tested, but I think that should allow you to do something like player.currentmap = "Earth" or player.currentmap = "space" to clear the map and replace it with a new one, but save the old one so that you can go back to it later. Note that if you go from Earth to space and then back to Earth at a location the player hadn't previously visited, this will have the same problems as teleporting from one room to another on Earth. See the docs on the map for more details)

Ok thanks!

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