how can i download ?

I am very new to this, and i was wondering if there is anyway to save/download my story to my computer without publishing it. ( I am on windows using the browser version of quest)

I was also wondering if you can download other people's games off of this website. Thanks!

You can download the .aslx file (for use in the offline editor) using the 'download' link on your 'My games' list (click on the "Create" button at the top ↑ of this page).

If you want a .quest file to play with the offline player, you'll have to publish the game. But "publish" just means compiling the game into a playable file; you don't have to make it public. You can publish a game but set its visibility to "only people with the link", so nobody can see it unless you give them the link.

On your own games, or anyone else's, there is a 'download' link in the right column of the game's details page. You might have to scroll down a little.

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