"Give" window in german version: elusive or non-existent?

Hi, I just downloaded Quest and have been having a great old time thus far, following along with the tutorial and adding my own little spin to the instructed game and all that jazz, when the guide suddenly started talking about a "Give/Use" window, wich I just could not find, but they had photographic proof of its existence, and the space where it should have been was just not there for me. My current Theory on why this is the case lies in the fact that I have my language set to german. If anyone has any Idea on how to fix this or if there is another way for me to Access said window or do something else that Substitutes its function, please answer, because I do not see any way my Story could reach a conclusion without the Player being able to give the Magazine to Grinölf.

Go to the Features tab, and click on Benutzen/Geben, and it will appear.


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