cant make a game

cant make a game

(Smart ass answer) Why not?
(Helpful answer) What is the problem and we can help you from there.

Then you are in the right place, I have tried many game engines out there but most of them requires coding and programming,
quest textadventure and construct 2 are the few that do not require coding, you just click if, the quest app will ask you if what? Then you say the attribute, then the quest app will ask you what happens to the, then I say = + 400.
I have no idea what happened to construct 2, I heard they becomes greedy and asks for subscription fee instead of one time fee for construct 3, Their game store last time was a mess, when I publish, it goes missing, or errors, or players can't play or find the game.

So maybe you are right you can't make a game, but at least you are definitely at the correct place if you want to make games.

I was new to Quest and struggled a bit at the start as I couldn't understand the tutorials at all! I have made games using ADRIFT and had to relearn the game making process as it is slightly different with Quest. It is easy, once you grasp the basics and NO CODING IS ACTUALLY REQUIRED as it is all menus. I found some of the forum help was all "code speak" so it mostly had me pulling my hair out in frustration and confusion, but I sussed out most of it on my own.

Here is what I learned : Plan whole game and make lists before staring to use Quest editor.

I found online editor was a breeze compared to the offline one which was a completely confusing pain! You can save game online and though sometimes (actually a lot of the time) the Quest editor will time out or crash, your work will be saved ok.

Plan your basic game on paper or MSPublisher or a PC text program (text document). You can easily copy and paste all your text from these onto Quest. This saves you from retyping everything!

Design a map of rooms (locations) and then add objects and characters (if desired) to each or certain rooms. Plan what objects can be used or given to characters. Characters can be used to reward you with other objects.

Once you have designed all your rooms and objects and characters, make lists of them and start to input that info in the Quest editor. The trickiest part I found was understanding how to make the tasks happen or "commands" as they are called in Quest.

The "command" bit at the top of the main menu initially confused me because "scripts" can also have commands in them as well! "Commands" are "tasks", e.g. "Hit Gandalf".

If you create a new command in the main command menu, it means that this can be done anywhere in the game.

If you are inside a room and create a script command inside that room it can only be done in that room.

You can alter the main commands by adding special bits that allow it to be done in certain places or situations. e.g. "If "player is in room "cave" hit Gandalf. All these extra bits are easily added with no coding whatsoever. It is all menus and actually very easy once you grasp what each bit does and means. I am still learning, but I have almost completed my first Quest game and it has taken me months and tutorials didn't help me at all!

I am here to help. Have fun.

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