Questions from a Newbie

Hello all.

I didn't realize I had created an account a while back so logging in was a breeze.

Anyways, I'm a beginner in the field of becoming an indie game developer. I reside in New Zealand and I'm 21 studying Info Tech.

I am looking to create a game that is very complex. To simplify it, I want to make a life sim rpg. I'm trying to figure out what text based software will best suit my needs. What I want to do is have an inventory, money stat, skill stats, etc. I want the player to be able to do things, interact with things, and most importantly have fun with the game.

I also have another question and this one is probably a long shot but can Quest support multiplayer features?

Does anyone know if making a very complex life sim rpg and multiplayer features are possible? Multiplayer features isn't a big deal.

Cheers everyone!


There is no way I've ever heard of to handle multiplayer, but Quest can handle everything else.

First, I advise going to the documentation and completing the tutorial in its entirety.

That will almost get you where you need to be, as far as knowing how to code everything goes.

From there, you'll probably want to check out Pixie's tutorials and libraries -- either to use one or to see the code Pixie uses to pull all this stuff off in Quest.

If you need help, just let us know!

Happy gaming!

There are three games that use multiplayer.
Two aren't Quest and one is Quest.
I could see someone easily making a multiplayer gamebook, all you'd need is different attributes for each player, and the player's could change turns. The hard part would be making a text adventure with a changing game.pov. Quest is not normally built with such capabilities.

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