preference: lots of scenery, or stage rules?

Basically, I was wondering how people who frequent the forums feel. There's usually two extremes:

  1. Lots of scenery. Anything mentioned in a description can be looked at.
  2. Bare bones description, with only the important game-driven bits being present.

I know this is an opinion question primarily, but I'm just curious. :)

  1. My opinion, listed things (even those nested within other descriptions) should be examinable. Anything less, I feel the connection is broken.

If, however, it’s mentioned in the description and hyperlinks are provided, option 2 is also okay.


I feel that anything important should be examinable, but the scenes should be described enough that you could feel you're there. Like, you should know there are knots in the wood flooring, but unless they're specifically important, they're just in the description and nothing more.

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