Unknown verb

I have an object ‘paper’ alias sheet of paper. For some peculiar reason a verb ‘paper ‘has appeared where the options pop up and nowhere else. I get four options for paper, take, examine, read and paper. If clicked paper returns ‘I don’t understand your command. ‘ To date I have only used one command. That is nothing to do with the paper.
Paper does not appear on the verb listing for added verbs and restricting display of new verbs does not help
I cannot get rid of the wretched paper verb as it is listed nowhere I can find.
I am loath to delete and re do the object as the problem may follow me.
One thing . I changed the object name from book to paper at one point.
I am unable to code at all.
Can anyone help please

I can't think of any obvious reasons for this to happen.
Can you share a link to the game so we could take a look?

Thanks for you help. I finally deleted the object paper and replaced it with sheet of paper . The problem disappeared. I think possibly the internet where I am staying on holiday is unreliable and keeps crashing. Sometimes in the middle of something.

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