How do you change the name of directions when going through an exit?

Hello, im a bit stuck and can't seem to find any info to help me. How do you change the name of a direction when exiting a room instead of saying , go north, or go south. It would be very much appreciated to get some help! Thank you!

You should be able to change the alias of an exit in the same way you do for any object.
However, it seems that the web editor doesn't allow you to do this properly (I think this is a bug in the web editor, but I could be wrong).

To work around this, you'll need give the exit a name; and then in your start script, or an initialisation script for the room, have a line like:

name of exit.alias = "what you want it to be called"

(note that the exit's type determines which direction it points on the map, whether it is one of the buttons on the compass, and whether you can use shortened names like "n" or "se". So if you don't want your exit to be on the map or compass, you should change its type to "Non-directional exit")

Thank you so much, I’m using the web browser, so I’ll see if the start script or initialisation script. Thank you!

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