<Solved> vocabulary list custom command

Hello! It's my first time using Quest and C#, but I do have coding experience with HTML and Ruby.

I'm making a murder mystery text adventure, and I want to add a custom command that can define a term, as I'm aware that forensic terms like "lividity" aren't as well-known as others.

For example, if the player types "define lividity" in the text bar at any time, I want to be able to come back with a message saying, "Lividity is a discoloration that occurs when blood stops moving and pools in the lowest point of the body." Or if the player types "define postmortem" they will get a message saying "Postmortem means after death. It can also refer to the body's autopsy."

My question is, what is the coding to set up the command "define"? From my understanding, after I get that set up I can use "define #text#" and specify "text" as each vocabulary word. If that's incorrect, though, please let me know.

Thank you in advance!


There are numerous ways to handle this, but here is a working example game based upon your request:


You can download that file, and Quest can open it in its editor.

An alternative way to handle it would be creating a room (of which the player would never be aware) and put objects in that room with entries for the names and definitions for the descriptions. Then, the "define" command could look in that room for object names, aliases, and alternatives to match the input text to an entry.

If you'd rather do it that way and need some help, or if you need any help at all with anything, just let us know and we'll do our best to fix you up!

Thank you!!!

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