Convlib not working

I've tired following the tutorial for it but whenever I try the speak to option nothing appears. I have the topics set as object in the characters folder but when I talk to them nothing appears not even the characters greeting. am i doing something wrong


It works. I just witnessed it working for someone else yesterday.

So, without looking at your code, I can safely say, "yes. You are doing something wrong."

If you post your code, though, we can look at it and help you. :)

how do you post it

i didn't edit of code just made some objects one that is a character, 2 starting topics and 1 normal topic tired playing it and it didn't load any topics nor the greeting when i typed speak to character

how do you post it

Forum Help Guide

i didn't edit of code just made some objects one that is a character

Have you added the library to your game?

I also strongly (very strongly) recommend following along with the entire tutorial before trying to create your first text adventure.

Also, capitalization and punctuation must be used properly in Quest's code.

I see that you are not using any of that properly here. It only matters here in the sense that it's more difficult for us to decipher what you are writing, but I am really only mentioning it because it seriously makes a difference in Quest.

Quest code is case-sensitive.

maybe finishing the tutorial might help yeah then try again
i do have the library

Did you do all the bullcrap stuff to add the library to your game?

You have to add the library; then save; then reload. It's easy to mess that up.

I've messed it up more than a handful of times. :)

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