Unable to create a game. need advice.

Whenever I attempt to create a base game on the website (cannot download quest), it gives me an error message. If it helps, I'm American.
"Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request"

I retract my statement because i did some digging through the forum, but some advice on making a game is appreciated. this is my first game


The process is a little tedious, but I highly advise following the tutorial before attempting to create a serious game.


PLan your game out on MS Publisher or even a PC wordpad document. You can later then simply copy your text and paste it into the Quest editor. This will make life as simple as possible.

Plan your game on paper/MSpublisher etc. and don't start puting anything into Quest until you have developed lists of objects, locations (rooms), characters and tasks (commands).

If you try to make a game up as you go along, you will have problems with locations. I had various up/down locations and found that the Quest map got totally messed up, so had to redesign my whole map. Allow for lots of room between any up/down directions linking rooms as the Quest map has layers and it needs to be totally logical, not messy.

I found the tutorials almost useless and far too confusing. Forums can sometimes get you the best advice for specific problems. We are all here to help.

Have fun.

I can't make a game, the web just says "Error".

I can't make a game, the web just says "Error".

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