Changing background colour back to blended

I had wanted to create an object that would change the background colour temporarily, but found there was no way to reset the screen which meant ruining a pretty blend. Is there any way to take down the background colour added in a game? Is there an option to change the "background colour to "clear" which would leave the blend visible on more than the margins? Is there a way to code in the original blend all over again to reset the colour of the game to what it started as, that could be attached to a verb like "reset screen" or "take down tinted screen"?

How are you setting CSS directly on some element, such as body or #gameBorder? If so, you should be able to remove it pretty easily:


This will remove all direct styles, causing the element to revert to whatever colour or pattern it is given by the stylesheet. (replacing body with whichever element you want to revert).

Thank you. I will give it a try. I had been using the not-code view Change Background to Colour ____.

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