Unable to submit game?

Hello again, Squiffy Forums, It has been a while since I last uploaded a game, I’m currently having the troubles of submitting a game due to the fact it is a .squiffy file and not a .html or .zip file.

Even then, I had compressed the folder of which my game and the image that is utilized within the game to a .zip file and tried submitting, but it refused to take the submission.

Zip files must contain something that is a recognised game file. In the case of Squiffy, this is the bundle of HTML and javascript files that is produced by compiling your game.

On the web editor, you do this by pressing the "publish" button. I assume there's something similar on the desktop version.

The game I’ve been editing is through the desktop editor. Perhaps I must compress the actual game rather than the folder?

You've been doing it exactly right. Make sure that there is an "index.html" file in the directory and that it's generated fresh each time. You create this by hitting the "Build" button (upper right). I don't think the "Run" button will make it.

I've always highlighted the folder and then compressed it. Never had a problem with this (other than an occasional delay in publishing).

Worst comes to worst, create a new folder and move everything over. In fact, start with a new copy of squiffy and manually C&P everything over into it. Then build, zip and publish.

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