Is it possible to modify or add game contents without restart?

I'm trying if Squiffy is able to update game contents after published without restart the game. For example:

@title Content Update Test
[[get version]]. 
[[get version]]:
Version: {version}[[get version]]. 

I published this game and play it online. I click on the 'get version' link, I get "Version: 0.1" and another 'get version' link.
After that, I edit the game, changing the 0.1 to 0.2. Then I publish the game and play it online again. The game's state is automatically loaded and the record shows that I've clicked on the 'get version' link once and get "Version: 0.1" and another 'get version' link.

Question: when I click on the 'get version' link again without restart the game, is it possible that I can get "Version: 0.2"?

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