Change Editor Font Face

I found out how to change the font face in the editor use HTML tools, is there a setting file I can make the change permanent?

What I did:
Hit F12
'div id ="editor" class="ace_editor ace_squiffy" and clicked on the box to add

I don't want to have to do this every time I launch the editor though

It's probably different between browsers.

In Chrome, you can go to Sources → Overrides in the DevTools window, and set a local directory in which to save changes. Then you could modify squiffy-editor.css and save it, and it should persist between visits to the site.
I recommend changing the css file rather than the HTML, as changing the HTML directly will sometimes screw up loading/saving.

I'm not using chrome, I'm using the Squiffy offline editor program I downloaded. Which allows you do enable html devtools and view the editor itself.

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