About 2 years ago I asked if there are any tutorials. To this date I have not received any responses. No problem. Fast forward to today (19-Oct-2020).

I actually had the urge to start a game and "dusted off" squiffy. I searched for some tutorials but found very little... Probably looking in the wrong places... lol

The tutorial by Carlos Pinto (from 2015) was still there, which I had downloaded in 2018, and watched it again. Very basic introduction to creating a basic game.

Can someone point me in the right direction in how to design a game? Step-by-step would be ideal. But will settle for anything. eg: links to docs, vids etc

Thank you for your time.


Outside of the online documentation, I really found this to be helpful. It really simplified some of my bulky earlier code.



Thank you for replying so quickly and for the detailed information. Very much appreciated. Thank you.


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