Turn Notepad++ into your Squiffy Editor

Well, after working with the Squiffy Editor for a while, I became frustrated with it's syntax colouring and how it wouldn't colour things correctly in several situations.

Also, I ended up customizing my html and css and didn't need Squiffy to output those for me anymore, so I started using the Squiffy Compiler and just refreshing my browser to see the changes.

And to that end, I came up with a trio of things to make Notepad++ into my new Squiffy Editor.

  1. The Squiffy UDL - this is the syntax colouring. Once you have it in your Notepad++ you can customize it further to use your own colours
  2. The Squiffy function list - this will fill Notepad++'s functionlist with a list of all sections and passages in the document. You can easily see all their names, the order in which they appear and you can double-click them to navigate to those areas. Way easier than the Squiffy Editor's dropdown list.
  3. A couple of RUN commands for Notepad++'s own RUN menu. One will do the traditional build to output all the regular files, and the other will simply compile the story.js file for you.

You can read more about this stuff in my Github npp repository main page. There are more directions in the xml files there for Notepad++.


And stay tuned to the files for awhile, because I'm still updating them to make them better.

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