characters being replaced by three invalid icons.

Hello, for some reason, characters in my squiffy are being inconsistently read as invalid characters, being replaced by three of the diamond question mark icons. This happens to characters that are read properly in other areas of the game, and randomly changing things in the game seems to change which characters are affected. I thought uploading the game might fix this, but they are still present when the game is reached through that page. (you can see for yourself) The only thing that seemed to fix this was exporting the file and opening it in the squiffy editor, but text adventures won't let me upload that file as a game because of an invalid file type (squiffyscript) and I have no clue how to convert that either. If you can help with any of this, please do!

Thanks again

I mean, I'm not sure on this but you might want to play with cutting and pasting what squiffy is showing, as well as your original code, into a plain old txt file and looking at it in notepad. I'm just wondering if there is some sort of character in there you're not seeing. For all we know, you might have accidentally captured something while working on it.

I think I recall doing this years back, somehow capturing some sort of formatting character while C&Ping into the editor.

Good luck. Hope this helps!

Is English the language of your game? I noticed this very phenomenon when writing games with Chinese characters. It should happen randomly, and not to the same letter/character every time. Manowar and I were unable to isolate the bug.

English is my language - I'm not sure how it might translate across but yes, you'd think you'd get the same failure every time.

The writing is in English, but the visual error only seems to happen on abnormal characters that I've pasted in, like invisible space characters or gray block characters. The weird thing is that it happens inconsistently, not all of one character is being affected, and making random changes within the game causes different characters to be affected.

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