Javascript sounds?

I might have a situation where I need to post a sound from a file using Javascript. Usually I just do it in squiffy but this appears in the middle of JS code and I'm kinda stuck. I looked at the examples in my references and couldn't make sense of them. So, is there a simple JS routine that will play a wav file?

Actually, five minutes later I worked around it. Still, JS sounds might be needed so if you have a solution in your pocket, I'd like to see it.


"Sorry, [I] can't post that here."

Here's working code, (somewhat) tested and approved (by me, so double check it!):


    squiffy.ui.write("Hello, world!")

This function (which already exists in Squiffy) prints "Hello, world!" in the game, just like it would if that text were added to the game normally.

Function Variable Fun

    squiffy.getEl = function(el){
        return window.document.getElementById(el);

That seems to be the same as:

    set("getEl", (el) => {
        return window.document.getElementById(el);

(SIDENOTE: I type out 'window.document' because I've been fooling around with Electron apps, and just 'document' doesn't work in Electron sometimes.)

Also, I can "get" and use function variables like this:

    let getEl = get ("getEl");
    let el = getEl("output");

Or I can just directly access them:

    let el = squiffy.getEl("output");

Many thanks. That looks like something I can use!

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