Can you name a continue?

In some of my sections there are several continues. Is there a way to link to one in particular and skip the others without using some sorg of @replace routine?

A continue is just a squiffy link, I'm pretty sure I could just go to it, but there's no way of knowing it's link name unless I look for it in the browser tools inspector. I could get at them with some jquery that looks for a.squiffy-link with data-section='_continue1` or whatever it's name is.

But is there a way in squiffy to give it an actual name?

But is there a way in squiffy to give it an actual name?

As far as I can see, the only difference between a regular section and a continue link is that you don't have to name them. If you want to give it a name, wouldn't you just do something like:

[[Continue]](some name)

[[some name]]:

Hmmph. I guess you're right. I never thought about it that way.

The only other difference I can see is that the continue is "part" of the section or passage and doesn't appear in the section list in the squiffy editor.

In fact, it's really just an un-named passage.

Maybe I don't understand, but you can use anything you wish for the continue...

+++Keep going

Though I might have read your question wrong.

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