If you can design your own quest app, what would it be like?

So, apparently I just found out that there various other quest apps from

mrangel: QuestKit, QuestJS, Quest6, and I'm sure there's been at least one other abandoned project along those lines)

If I get to design my quest app, it would be named Daeunquest, so people will know I made it =D

  1. Able to launch from 100 different game templates to quick start your game making sessions or to learn the various types of game genres
  2. Features free AI-generated game cover pictures, pixel/anime character face, music, background art, a few generic inventories art like sword, treasure chest, gold
  3. A sample code press button for each GUI function, press the button and it will show you a correct example of a code, this can be helpful to game creators that likes to try out various codes and functions but is not ready to read the whole quest documentation yet
  4. Art assets and music assets, but they are all connected to a cloud service, meaning you only type in the image/music link, so that your quest app stays below 20mb and possibly less laggy as well
  5. Able to submit your own game template for other people to use as well, other people can thumbs up but not thumbs down your shared game template, of course the highest rated game templates will be shown prominently whereas the rest, you will have to scroll down or perhaps not visible at all until you type in some keywords like the game creator's name
  6. Direct link to AI chat, beside just talking to AI chat for inspiration and asking coding question, you can directly one click share your whole game coding to the AI chat, so that the AI understands what you are talking about and give better suggestions and proper coding
  7. Pre-generation of map layout, Imagine option A: Choose number of rooms, option B: Choose style of map layout, option C: Choose random scenery objects or just empty rooms. Then the player can choose 81 rooms, castle style map layout, yes to scenery objects but only 1 per room, and the quest map directly generates everything for you to quick start your game making sessions
  8. VIP $5 per month service, cloud automatic backups for your each of your games, yes I know the recent scandal where the cloud company malfunction and everyone's data is lost, but imagine, if you accidentally delete your game, or crashed your game, so you want to return to an old but working file, the automatic cloud service will be there for you. And why is it paid? Because cloud dun run on free fuel, it is essentially using someone's else resources and therefore they would want some compensation and profit from it
  9. The ability to open or create original quest app, questkit, questjs, quest6, abandoned quest project
  10. Random game or random game content function, this essentially uses deep AI to analyze everyone's games and recreate a game just like how they generate an AI picture, yes, most of the time, it will be a dud and not functioning, but there is a permanent undo button for each AI generated coding, so if you run into any issues, just undo any of those AI codes until your game starts working again, yipee!

I can't wait for Daeunquest. I could use those extras. The examples of working script struck a chord. The trouble I went through editing Copilots script suggestions for some other software that wasn't Quest. And I am such a beginner coder, myself.

Lol, I am not good enough to make quest app, I am just starting a discussion so people can share their ideas, and maybe someone will make a quest app based on some of our ideas, making it come true

Implementing a working script via pressing a button and summoning a pop up example code text is relatively simple, however, seeing how there are so many internal functions hidden within the bottom left of quest app, filter, show library elements, it is going to take forever for someone to write out a demostration code for each function

But yes, perhaps we could just limit "working code examples" to only GUI functions which are not hidden as internal functions,

Also it would be great if they could expand on the number of GUI functions

1 great example is

K.V. successfully solved the issue of many pictures creating lag in quest app by making it external popup picture via external link, newbies wanting more pictures yet crashing their quest app without realizing why, are going to rage quit

But everything would be easily solved if K.V.'s code is implemented into the GUI function that everyone can easily access

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