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A humorous game written as a homage to some of the author's favorite adventure games while containing a self-deprecating, snarky wit of its own.

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MisterPibb316 added a comment for Victorian Detective 2
I wonder if the author has considered a career in writing. Great stuff.
an hour ago
MisterPibb316 added a review for Coming Out Simulator 2014
I guess my commentary on why I, technically, thought this wasn't a very good game isn't worth much, but I do appreciate the sincerity that must have gone into making this.

1 hours ago
Divergent13 added a comment for INTENSITY
Thank you very much XanMag I will try and fix all of the punctuation and grammar in the future when I continue to make games!
2 hours ago
MisterPibb316 added a review for Dream Pieces
The premise and structure of the gameplay is very clever, and I think it's neat that the author included options for playing the game on various devices. It's a shame that the game is over as soon as it gets started, though. By all means, I love what's here, but one can beat this game in ...

2 hours ago
DaNiX88 added a review for Blackwood Manor
A great game, though I would have preferred, for a computerized gamebook style where the book remembered my options, because sometimes those buttons are just so tempting! A great atmosphere, and since the book can be saved, all paths can at least be read in one playthrough, including dead ends. I wo ...

2 hours ago

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