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Natenex Exon added a review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
I love this game, and have been playing it on and off for 2 years now. I hope that one day the creator will come back and update it. (If you save frequently the freezing isn't a problem)

35 minutes ago
auro5620 added a comment for Warrior Cats
i like the game and all,but you should make a bit longer because i finished it in,a minute.But i still like it because i love warrior cats.
5 hours ago
OnlyGirlMonsterH3R3 added a review for Catcher in the Rye
It's great! I've never read the original before, but this right here is amazing.

7 hours ago
Linkone1 added a comment for Shrunken in a shop 0.3
Looks good so far. keep up the good work.
8 hours ago
Linkone1 added a comment for Shrunk at High-School
How do I get to beth's house. It says that that is how you get to the drama club room without the button but I don't know how to get there.
9 hours ago

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