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3 hours ago

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Asticar added a comment for Shrunk at College
@pharra you need to actually use the phone on her (I.e. "Use phone on nesi") same with Alena
1 hours ago
JanAngel posted a new game The Call
Corey receives a call at his workplace that has the potential not to change his life, but the life of someone else.
5 hours ago
Pharrah added a comment for Shrunk at College
Sorry if this sounds dumb, how do you call Nesi? I swear I have tried everything and it cant seem to understand.
12 hours ago
GameofChocolate added a review for Monsters: Apocalypse
It could be better if it wasn't for the "your choice yielded nothing" options, and then when I try to not be a douchebag to the guy with the truck, I die.I felt like i was being guided rather than offered a game.

16 hours ago
GameofChocolate added a review for Pestilence
I get that this caters to freaking out OCD people, but this is a story not an adventure and most of the time there is only one thing to click.

16 hours ago

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