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geekingangel added a review for Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft
Really love it.

1 hours ago
Hormus added a review for Race for Christmas Presents
Decent story. I don't like the fact of the abusive family, neither do I like the constant replay of a terrible life.

3 hours ago
ThatYoungGenius added a review for Existential Choose Your Own Adventure
Liked it! It's nice when you get reminded after so long to zoom out and look at the larger picture.

5 hours ago
Lolimthatguy added a review for Choice of Zombies
Honestly, i feel like the story ain't that bland or boring it gives you a real feeling of being in a zombie apocaplyse. Also my first character was a software engineer and plays sports and i survived with 1 person(Brian xd)and i didn't die once probably got the good ending i guess.

12 hours ago
glutenwhip added a comment for Quest For The Lost Sandwich
The update is wonderful! Damned itchy nose... Enjoying everything so far!
20 hours ago

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