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You are a college at North Dakota State University, studying history. During a late night study session, you get a text from your close friend Ryan, who asks for your assistance in a little expedition to a gold mine.
2 days ago

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Marzipan added a review for Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!
This game is fantastic, I can see why it placed so high in the IF Comp. The writing is hilarious all the way through, the powers were fun to use and the puzzles were great. I was impressed at the multiple endings too...I got Media Darling and Ace Reporter, did I miss any? A couple tiny things I ...

an hour ago
Killer_Squid_200 added a comment for As Darkness Falls
Argh i feel so stupid no matter how many times i play this game i always get stuck somewhere. where do you find the code to open the safe. I don't care if its months before this comment gets answered i'm bound to see it if i look through some other time
1 hours ago
LiTtLeClOwN updated Go Figure v.1
6 hours ago
Mike Munday added a review for Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!
As previous reviewer states a little on short side, but this does not detract from the humour and fun derived from playing the game. Nice idea with the various abilities with a few red herrings along the way. I look forward to any future installments the author may have...

8 hours ago
abergsma updated Unit 2 Adventure Gamebook
12 hours ago

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