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See all added a review for EATHIA: The Up Rising
This game is freakin awesome if u no like then u hater. But after al, it is his first game so ya it might be a little bad but he or she tried. I give 5 stars for effort.

7 hours ago
IAmNotARobot added a comment for Apocalypse Now
I like how you used sanic as the cover art.
8 hours ago
IAmNotARobot added a comment for Find the Cookie
Hawking and Newton have nothing on the creator of this game!
8 hours ago
IAmNotARobot added a comment for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
If you guys are having trouble exploring READ THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS! There have been several comments that bring twice as far as the situation you are in right now.
11 hours ago
Write added a comment for Angels vs. Demons
I typed in this story from a website called inklewriter. I'll see if I can make any changes
12 hours ago

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