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As being one of the very first robots, you're also the smartest. Play on your computer, make some of your own robots, and maybe save all of the robots ever created by humans!
8 days ago

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plipe added a review for Night is Falling
it's very good and funny

6 minutes ago
plipe added a review for The Hospital
it's very very good. it's scary. headphone users warning for one of the endings. it's just a bit short for me

26 minutes ago
CaptainRed added a comment for Monday
the best lol
8 hours ago
paravantis added a comment for Be the Dragon: Skyrim
In the introductory screen, correct "buriel" to "burial". If I may say so, it is always a good idea to spellcheck text before finalizing it, in a game.
18 hours ago
ZombiesAreAwesome added a comment for The Walking Dead: The Game.
its nothing like the one i played on my ps4 but its okay
20 hours ago

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