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Missing_lick added a comment for Wandering and Shrinking (1.1.3)
I have to say I loved this story. The solutions to the puzzles were almost always fun to do (the almost being that some points were a bit convoluted/confusing). I hope the future updates improve it, but I do have a problem with one change you're aiming for. I feel that audio and images may detra ...
11 minutes ago
Anonynn added a review for Pixie's Quest
Hahah love this ^_^ Pixie is extremely helpful and I owe him a lot. Thank you for everything, Pixie! Thank you to KV, HK, Pertex, Xan and Jay as well! :D

4 hours ago
starsallfall added a review for One Eye Open
I'm really interested in the story... but I have no idea how to do anything. How do you play this?

8 hours ago
Fung updated Blood of the Mole [Mr. Giunta]
21 hours ago
christiawi987 added a comment for Shrink accident
I have no plans on updating it as I'm focusing on writing other stories. However, if you want to commission a story element for this game then I can do that, depending on what you want exactly. You can send me a private message if you want to go through further details.
22 hours ago

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