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pman66 added a comment for [VORE] Predator in town W.I.P.
I love this game and could some of you tell me other text adventures that are like this one (maybe a little more sex) please do
6 hours ago
ultimatenormster69 added a comment for Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft
Really interesting premise, the problem is the game keeps crashing on me. I implore you, game-maker, to make this game browser-friendly! I play on a Mac, so I can't download/open the game, unfortunately.
6 hours ago
dwarfyr added a review for Night House
Nice, I wanted to use the chainsaw but it didn't seem to work. :(

8 hours ago
Manatee added a comment for THETA
Can u add some more for bishop? He’s my favourite character
11 hours ago
PoiYo added a review for The Safari Zone {SFW Vore Game}
The writing is wonderful, and I like the execution of the safe vore. Really good job!

12 hours ago

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