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As being one of the very first robots, you're also the smartest. Play on your computer, make some of your own robots, and maybe save all of the robots ever created by humans!
10 days ago

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Tiffany Pratt added a review for The High-Rise Murder
too short..... demo's have more to it.... this isnt a demobeides all you can do is answer the phone and accept the case after that... nothing... sadly -_- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but its a good start

8 minutes ago
Privateer added a comment for The Zen Garden
Hi Stella S, thank you for your review. I'm happy you enjoyed the game. :)
2 hours ago
Father added a comment for The tree
Perhaps you need a handy place to use it with?
2 hours ago
alice-blue added a comment for Victorian Detective
This game got written up at Rock, Paper, Shotgun!
3 hours ago
Tiffany Pratt added a review for Robot
i didnt finish the game, it was too confusing..... nothing had a description, what do you expect people to know what everything is by default, the only things that had a description was the player and the manual, p.s the manual should of had read verb... you wrote everything thats on the manual ...

3 hours ago

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