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My second game. Oh boy.
10 days ago
The retelling of Oedipus's life -- from his birth, to his fall. Or not. You can (sorta) choose. This game was made as an English project with a friend of mine, so it's based on a theme. You'll see that even after making different choices from canon, fate is still an ass. Halfway through, it sort of gets more linear and we quoted the play because it is a English project.
10 days ago

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Marzipan added a review for One Night at Freddy's
I don't understand these people one-starring it, the game is perfectly playable. I died a few times but I was eventually able to get the key and escape. I wish that when you mentioned objects (the security guards desk, the posters...) you'd take the time to describe them, and seeing the same ...

a minute ago
21lzarate added a comment for One Night at Freddy's
Yeah you could not see any thing
32 minutes ago
textwario added a review for Galactic Conquest
It's small but I enjoy the game, it would be cool if you expanded it.

an hour ago
Marzipan added a review for All Fur and No Fun
I almost gave this a 2, but the writing and descriptions were pretty good so I went with a higher just bothered me to read the description and see you were clearly aware the game had issues and decided to post it anyway without fixing them. I see a lot of unfinished games getting post ...

3 hours ago
Marzipan added a review for Galactic Conquest
Short but fun with pretty good writing. (Especially loved the intro...'They're humans, what did you expect?' got a lol out of me.) Dinged you one star because as I said, it was pretty short, and I felt like I got randomly killed a lot during combat. Just a suggestion, I would have prefer ...

4 hours ago

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