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The sequel to The Mansion sees you kidnapped by the mysterious corporation responsible for your uncle's death and held in a dingy prison cell. Can you escape the prison? Can you bring the corporation to justice? Can you avenge your uncle? Find out in this sequel of epic proportions!
This is the Sequel to Sir Loin and the Coming of Age. After just being made a Knight of the Brown Table, disaster struck. Queen Winalot has been kidnapped and it is up to you to find her and solve the mystery of the Phantom Dennis.

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A Dancer's Dream: A Story of Wonderment is a new game currently on the market and now it is your turn to play! Get in there!
2 days ago
Live the life of a man who has just started the luckiest day of his life
2 days ago

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Eaten By A Grue added a review for Play Nice
Really clever idea for a game--and nice art and framing too. It would be interesting to see a sequel with a different culture.

2 hours ago
Coderz updated Night As a Babysitter
10 hours ago
brianvy added a review for Maybe...
this game has no choices

10 hours ago
Hols79 added a comment for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
I keep getting stuck trying to stop the bulldozer (spoiler alert... I'm about to show how I get as far as the bulldozer) > get up > switch on light > take gown > wear gown > open pocket > take analgesic > take screwdriver > take toothbrush > S > take mail ...
11 hours ago
miller1000 added a review for The Things That Go Bump In The Night
Game keeps crashing everytime I try to enter the spider's room.

17 hours ago

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