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mehdiarroub added a comment for Victorian Detective 3
good story
1 hours ago
shrinkydink added a review for Giantess Shrinking day (v 0.9.1)
Very Very Very poor attempt at a game, rips off Shrunken at High School so blatantly with being in a school and having a masochist card, the righting is awful with such lines as "To day is tiny day, when you turn 18 you are shrunken down and forced to survive the day" and is obviously tryi ...

3 hours ago
StarStyleCakeyMiner added a comment for Escape Room Sim
Hey, if anyone plays this, please leave a comment about how to improve this game! It would be greatly appreciated! :D
5 hours ago
PoiYo added a comment for Pokemon Lab Experiment (v0.19)
Yomol Waspran Sorry if I'm taking so long. I've been traveling a lot lately.
5 hours ago
Yomol Waspran added a comment for Pokemon Lab Experiment (v0.19)
Hope this isn't dead!
22 hours ago

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