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Pharrah added a comment for Shrink accident
Um, seeing as he put this on permanent hiatus.... Which basically means its basically cancelled for now, could pick it up again months from now but from here on you wont see any updates.
2 hours ago
Cottlebro13 added a comment for Shrunk at high-school (Ver.2)
When are you going the game? its my favorite game on this site and i rellay want to know when the next update is going to come out
5 hours ago
tinyman91 added a comment for Shrink accident
Okay, whenever I do the second chapter thing, it kind of freezes up, when I enter the room it says something about a script not being active, and the only thing in it is tools. Am I doing something wrong, or is that the end of the game so far?
6 hours ago
Nic~ added a comment for Test Game
A new update SHOULD come out this week, but if it doesn't, sorry for the delay. First I'll try finishing off Ignacio, then add several new characters after that.
6 hours ago
YOUTUBERGAMER added a comment for Undertale W.I.P.
My name was chara and I was up to lvl. 6 in-game! Hope you will update soon :D
9 hours ago

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