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As being one of the very first robots, you're also the smartest. Play on your computer, make some of your own robots, and maybe save all of the robots ever created by humans!
5 days ago

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Smarty3b added a comment for The Lunastone
I haven't played very much at all. I've made it to Chanra, but I think I jumped the gun, because I never found Neos's coordinates, so I'm stuck here, as best as I can tell. Guess I'll have to start over.
11 minutes ago
AC Me Rolin added a review for Be the Dragon: Skyrim
Blackreach is a pretty dark set of choices. Seriously though, at least the font is actually readable now, revealing a pretty solid game. Keep updating to make some more choices

an hour ago
British Brony added a review for Alien
Luckily, you can simply publish updates whenever. The first page was well written, so i think as updates come in this could be a solid game! Good luck!

4 hours ago
Desmond2005 added a comment for project_1
This is my first "text adventure" game and I hope that you all enjoy it!
4 hours ago
TheScripterFromScunthorpe added a review for The Highway To Hell
A lot of cheesy references that really don't need to be there and bland text that slowly sucks the urge to go on out from your soul, There's potential here though.

7 hours ago

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