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TavrektDeadtram added a review for Coming Out Simulator 2014
This game is a m a z i n g. This game also helped me come out to my own parents (whom are also coincidentally Asian). I absolutely love how much of an interactive level this game has! It was definitely confusing at first, but became much queerer (ba-dum-tss) in the end. During playing the ga ...

12 minutes ago
Regisblackgaard added a review for House of Curses
great game! the timers are a little annoyin, though

an hour ago
Regisblackgaard added a review for Your Morning
too short, none of the options were funny, and your profile picture is an eyesore.

2 hours ago
Regisblackgaard added a comment for Alchemist's Apprentice
Thank you guys SO MUCH for your support. I've had 25 plays in only 3 days! That's 8 plays per day! Please continue with the recommendations. Right now I am working on outside the Alchemist's cottage, rooms include: -apothecary's -a french invasion encampment -blacksmith shop -w ...
2 hours ago
darksolgryn added a comment for Shrink accident
IMO i prefer having more choices and seeing my effect on the world (or lack of) since a game is an interactive medium but those bad end descriptions are just nice enough i can stomach the wall of text some of those bad ends have
3 hours ago

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