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A simple exploration of a man living alone in the tattered remains of the world, haunted by the memory of "Winston".
5 days ago
5 days ago

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katiesims33 added a review for Coming Out Simulator 2014
Great story I injoyed it good work there

an hour ago
Nutjitzu added a review for Warrior Cats: Rainkit
Awesone!!:-D I love the warriors series, sept i'm more of a thunder clan than a wind. ;)

2 hours ago
Nutjitzu added a review for A Stranger, Unregarded
It's good but i'm kinda going round in circles...

2 hours ago
BLueTemper20422042 added a review for The City
Very descriptive and well written

2 hours ago
BLueTemper20422042 added a comment for The City
Class assignment or not it's very nice
2 hours ago

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