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This is the Sequel to Sir Loin and the Coming of Age. After just being made a Knight of the Brown Table, disaster struck. Queen Winalot has been kidnapped and it is up to you to find her and solve the mystery of the Phantom Dennis.
The sequel to The Mansion sees you kidnapped by the mysterious corporation responsible for your uncle's death and held in a dingy prison cell. Can you escape the prison? Can you bring the corporation to justice? Can you avenge your uncle? Find out in this sequel of epic proportions!

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This story consists of the story of Little Red Riding Hood with variable endings. A couple of them are a bit gruesome, but not over the top. I would imagine PG at the most, however, whatever you feel is appropriate is fine. This piece is for a class I'm participating in I needed to turn in for credit. Hopefully it's half-decent. Thanks, MJ The Film Scene on Facebook
3 days ago
This is a recreation of the zombie map in COD: Black Ops, 'Five'.
5 days ago
Unfinished, unpolished and not thought through. There, happy now?
8 days ago

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YES! YES! added a comment for Heavy Rain 0.1
I do not regret pressing x.
2 hours ago
smokeybrrown added a review for my father's long, long legs
This story is so intense, when the flashlight appeared, I nearly flew back ten feet. I couldn't stop reading and it left me with SO many questions. Weird, indeed, and quite an ending. I, too, may have closed the tab prematurely. A total accident, except not.

8 hours ago
MutantIke added a review for Texty Bird
Ugh. Only took me 30 seconds to read, and every ending is the same.

12 hours ago
Ranique added a review for Lesson No. 1
That was horrible, not badly disighned just what happens is horrible! I think you should make it less horrifying.

13 hours ago
LeisureSuit Larry added a review for Trapped in a Small Room
There is nothing to do. it doesn't even recognize the word help.

14 hours ago

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