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CC Hollister added a review for A Fly On The Wall
Fun and interesting! Cool idea.

an hour ago
Stripes added a review for Cat Petting Simulator 2014
This is a game. About petting a cat. With a premise like that, who would give it five stars? Well, as boring a premise as it seems, Cat Petting Simulator surprised me. Very much. It apparently wasn't just made because "lol, cats!!" No, it was made to make the player feel relaxed and ...

3 hours ago
Stripes added a review for Shade
Wow! Surprisingly good, though I did get confused enough to look up a walkthrough. The ending may seem random to some, but if you really think about it, it all makes sense. Wonderful job!

3 hours ago
Stripes added a review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
Okay, so, I just found this site, but I've been playing interactive novels for years, not to mention that video games were half my childhood. Anyway, I died pretty early in the game-- my ship was torn apart by pirates during my second sailing trip-- but I've seen enough of the style of gamep ...

5 hours ago

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