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You are a college at North Dakota State University, studying history. During a late night study session, you get a text from your close friend Ryan, who asks for your assistance in a little expedition to a gold mine.
5 days ago

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Marzipan added a comment for Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!
Hint for everyone asking about the statues: the idea is that they're going to help you put on a concert.
4 hours ago
tragoedia2 added a comment for Alice and the Wishing Tree
How do I open the door with the face in the Queen of Diamonds's castle? I think I'm supposed to say something to the door, but I can't figure out what. Also, how do I unlock the casket in the wizard's tower? How do I stop the twins from fighting? I've jogged the goldfish&# ...
5 hours ago
LeisureSuit Larry added a comment for Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!
Great. I figured out the Bobo statue too. One step closer. Now for Brachiatus, something about a vision.
7 hours ago
Claire6129 added a comment for Saving Cupid
How do I delete this game?
10 hours ago
awsomethingy updated N7
11 hours ago

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