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lordpalandus added a comment for The Cataclysm of Chaos
Dunno if you'll see this but putting it here regardless. Thanks Zenaire for the kind words. I'm currently working on V4 release (this is V3 release of the beta), and in V4 there will be two more sections: Caverns (section 3) and Dark Cathedral (section 4). Each section will have 20 ne ...
11 hours ago
rhett78 added a review for Photopia
I love how it's cryptic and straight-forward all at once. My assumptions about who I was were wonderfully different from the "reality." Not too long, Not too short. Just right, in so many different ways.

11 hours ago
BrainDamage54 added a comment for Tiny Perspectives
Hey @Rhousley083 , just wondering when the next update will be (if you have an idea maybe) no rush :)
Krud added a comment for Taco Bell
[spoiler warning] Can't afford Taco Bell, but can afford Chipotle? This should be in the [Fantasy] section. =D

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