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BottlecapJazz added a review for Eagle's promise (a warrior cats oc's story)
Save yourself some time and don't play it unless it magically updates. The few pieces of text it has is quite boring and bland so it is not even worth reading.

12 hours ago
Warrioroftherainbow added a comment for Warrior cats: The quest of ThunderKit
BTW I forgot to place this in WIP. This is a WIP (work in progress)
12 hours ago
BottlecapJazz added a review for warrior cat pick your own adventure game
It has potential but the grammatical errors need to be fixed. What I think about it: Story- Not bad, but could use a bit more reasoning of why the mc (Goldenpaw) likes Silverpaw. Is it because of her beautiful fur? Or is it because of her possibly lovable personality? Set up lore behind it so ...

17 hours ago
BottlecapJazz added a review for Warrior cats: when danger rises DEMO
All I would really suggest is fixing the grammatical errors (such as not using " to speak/misspelling "patrol"), all else, this is a great game and I hope you keep working on it.

18 hours ago

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