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Bramblemoon added a comment for Warriors cats (Kit version)
Hi, I absolutely love your game and I was wondering if I could have any advice on my new one. It's called moon kit's blessing and it's just come public Thanks, and bye
15 hours ago
snake bit added a review for Shrunken story 0.16
Great game. Update it as soon as possible

16 hours ago
Orochimaru666 added a comment for Dragon Quest
nice test for a first time adventure
20 hours ago
Orochimaru666 added a comment for Death Castle
along with the background the codeing needs to be tweaked a bit after finding the dead body you cant go south and when heading back to the dead body from the room to the right theres a thing that pops up askign to go 1west 2 west idk if thats done on purpose
20 hours ago
snazzy ray added a comment for Tunselous and the quest for Evaot

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