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Missfoxy4 added a comment for Warrior Cats Mate Simulation
I tried playing a lot of times, each one said 'WIP. Try another path! PLZ TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK THAT MEANS!!!!!! yes I'm a big warrior fan... But u just made it seem sad... That sucks, dude... Really sucks... SO FUCK U!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 hours ago
Missfoxy4 added a comment for Warrior Cats Mate Simulation
Says 'WIP Take another path atm... WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVN MEAN!!!!!
2 hours ago
Missfoxy4 added a review for Warrior Cats Mate Simulation
Terrible... Doesn't work... Always says to take another path, sometimes won't even let me pick anything. VERY glitchy! Bad

2 hours ago
fuufuu33 added a comment for Shrunk at High-School
My current save has become frozen, I can interact with objects but no text happens when I do so. Not sure if it's lag or my save got messed up after the Black Boots bug. Also, can someone tell me how to get Beth to take me home?
6 hours ago
raphie225 added a comment for Pokémon Emerald
best pokemon game here yet. keep up the good work
9 hours ago

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