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A game made for my school's game jam, a simple one level escape the room puzzler where the player has to escape from their nightmare. Was intended to have more levels, more puzzle functions, and better overall design. But the 48 hour timelimit and 1 person doing a majority of the work put a tiny damper on things.
You are a prince with a longing for adventure. Your actions determine what is real and what is fake in the story. Do dragons exist? Or they just myth? Currently the story needs a little work, but one of the paths should be a lot of fun! Enjoy!
5 days ago

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Scarlett Phantom added a review for The Farm House (On The Road Part 1)
I liked the characters. There wasn't a huge plot in this, but if you continue the series, you could definitely spin an awesome story. Please write the next one!

2 hours ago
Scarlett Phantom added a review for The Things That Go Bump In The Night
It seems like a good game, but it kept crashing, so I wasn't really able to tell.

2 hours ago
peter edwards added a comment for The Piskie
Thank you, Dan. I'm very glad you enjoyed Piskie and appreciated the fun! It encourages me to continue. Peter
3 hours ago
Scarlett Phantom added a comment for The Things That Go Bump In The Night
I can't get past the first demon thingy. I've got the hand radio, flashlight, electronic key, fire extinguisher, soap, gauze, and aspirin. What do I do now? I've tried opening the door, but the text box disappears after that, and then I die.
3 hours ago
DaNiX88 added a review for The Piskie
A very interesting adventure! I had a chuckle at the and and a warm inside. Though, without a little nudge from the comments, the adventure in this game could be lost to the non-adventurer or someone who doesn't know the work of Peter Edwards. There was a good amount of description and a simple ...

4 hours ago

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