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MythicalFlyingTurtles added a review for Cleansing Fire
This is a pretty lit story. Short, but cool nonetheless. I got the cliché horror story ending and the one where the boy reclaims his rightful place. Maybe you could make that branch a bit longer. 5/5! WOOO!

15 minutes ago
Butterfly1204 posted a new game Cleansing Fire
You must pick to play the role of a young woman who wants to become more powerful than her role allows or the role of a young boy who had everything taken from him and is trying to get it back.
2 hours ago
flamekit added a review for Battle Scars (A Warrior Cats tale)
It was amazing please continue

5 hours ago
writeastory1 updated You Are A Priest
7 hours ago
writeastory1 posted a new game You Are A Priest

You are a TRAINEE PRIEST at the Seminary, and it's your FIRST DAY! Go on, play it. Get your young priest to meet new people, get good grades, explore the buildings, confess your sins, and be ordaine...
8 hours ago

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