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The sequel to The Mansion sees you kidnapped by the mysterious corporation responsible for your uncle's death and held in a dingy prison cell. Can you escape the prison? Can you bring the corporation to justice? Can you avenge your uncle? Find out in this sequel of epic proportions!

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My first ever text-based game. Enjoy!
This text adventure is a prelude for a platform game of the same name (unpublished). The trees in the magnificent metallic forest that surrounds you chime with the gentle wind; a sanctuary for the Biomechatrons upon this blue-green planet called Kepler 22b. However the ever expanding Siliconian Kingdom threatens it’s existence. It is time to revolt!

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SwimYBO added a review for Dungeon Adventurer
Not too bad, but there is no real plot except for you trying to escape the dungeon by wandering around aimlessly and hoping you reach the exit. If you added more elements to the plot and more rooms and puzzles, then you could have a really good game. It's not bad, but it definitely could be bett ...

26 minutes ago
SwimYBO updated To Follow or Not to Follow
37 minutes ago
daniel&ashley added a comment for Mermaid Bay
Hi everyone! I am new at text adventures, but I think this one is fantastic! However, even with the help of all the hints below, I am hopelessly stuck. I cannot find the paper with wax on it or the shipwreck. I have yet to run into an adder either. If anyone would like to give me a hint I would ...
7 hours ago
SnappGamez added a comment for Adon
Too hard. I can't even get to a good part of the game.
11 hours ago

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