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Journey through an old house you once lived in, while piecing together memories of your life.
7 days ago
Simple story about a robot who is questions its programmed rituals. Made for Global Game Jam 2016
9 days ago

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Jsimmons added a comment for Choice of the Dragon
This is the game that introduced me to text adventures. It's a great game!
4 hours ago
Pgessmer added a comment for Shrunk at highschool (Beta v.1.1.5b)
LOVE the game so far, but i've found pretty much all of the endings already! Will there be another update soon?
6 hours ago
XanMag added a comment for Ritual of Protection
You get stuck in the basement...
9 hours ago
XanMag added a comment for DUG's Adventure Quest part II - The Reunion
I assume the game is complete once I completed the maze? Pretty good overall.
10 hours ago
XanMag added a review for DUG's Adventure Quest part II - The Reunion
No major grammatical errors. No obscure code errors. Pretty much a quiz game about Egyptian god (I think). Worth a play if you are interested in this kind of thing. Overall, well done.

10 hours ago

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