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TheRandomCake added a review for THETA - Taboo Hunger Experience Text Adventure (v 0.15)
haz birb would rate 10/10 birb birb birb birb

9 hours ago
Fnoevan added a comment for The Zen Garden
Nevermind me, I've found the way... hahaha nice game!
12 hours ago
Fnoevan added a comment for The Zen Garden
There's... something that bugs me I wanted to search through the comments but I'm afraid to continue spoiling the game When it says: > x countryside In which direction will you look? I tried answering north, down, up, ahead, right, left but none seem to be any of the correct direc ...
14 hours ago
emmodii added a review for Sammy
Predictable, but I suppose writing from "the bad guy"'s point of view is not something you see every day. Awfully short, might have given an okay rating if it had been longer with more details though, maybe then the reader could have more time to get immersed into the story. The pro ...

15 hours ago
emmodii added a review for Night is Falling
Story was cliche, but not horrible enough to give an appalling rating. The mocking tone of the narration takes away the mood of the horror, and it seems to solely rely on the images just to scare the reader.

15 hours ago

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