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21 hours ago

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glutenwhip added a comment for Quest For The Lost Sandwich
What an update! I tried everything so far.. Cheese remains my favorite, but you've gotta love a gentleman route as well. ;D Parts made me laugh out loud. I love the art too! It's really coming along!
3 hours ago
Cheralina added a review for Best Ways To Kill Yourself!
This is pure garbage...

9 hours ago
Gosia added a comment for The Pitcher
The beginning of this so called game consists of a Polish swear word, used repeatedly, and one sentence which is supposed to be a description. I am not going to play it, I just would like to warn people. This is rubbish in my opinion. I would have reported it to the moderators of this site, but I ...
23 hours ago
necrom added a review for Tiny Perspectives
great game.I hope you add on to it.

archerqueen08 added a review for Midnight hunt
The story and puzzles were well developed, but I didn't really like the style of writing. Characters could use development too.


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