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The short, disappointing life of a fly this was a test game and my first, so its not great
1 hours ago

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XanMag added a comment for Xanadu - The World's Only Hope
Everything you need to solve the final puzzle is found AFTER you have been awarded the Man Card. Just pushing won't do. You need more J-for... I mean g-force. The verbiage is all use ___ on ___. Hope it helps. Thanks again.
1 hours ago
peter edwards added a comment for Escape from the Forbidden City
Thank you, Stella, for your generous review. I'm thrilled that my earliest game is still played and enjoyed. I enjoyed writing it!
2 hours ago
peter edwards added a comment for The Enchanted Glade
Stella, Thank you for your kind review. I'm very pleased you enjoyed it, (and that you found it difficult at times - it was meant to be!) You may be interested to know that it was based on the countryside around where I live, (but I've not found any dryads!) Peter
3 hours ago
camostar4 added a review for UNDERTALE -:- WIP -:-
wow it really was just like the game (in text anyway) I look forward to the finished version only problem I have is that floweys track isn't long enough to play through while reading his part other then that great job I cant wait until it updates!

4 hours ago
joshtgb added a comment for Xanadu - The World's Only Hope
But of course, I hadn't experimented with the pod gun long enough. I'll play around with the boulder/fulcrum puzzle a little longer before asking for help.
7 hours ago

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