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JasonVoorhees123 added a comment for Smallston
Hamster Ball Minigame - Guide on how to beat it List of decisions you meet during the minigame, follow these steps quick and precisely: 1. Northwest 2. East 3. West 4. East 5. Northwest 6. Northeast 7. Fakeout Sherry 8. North Congratulations! You've completed the minigame! Thou ...
39 minutes ago
Coltar added a comment for Microquest
To use the 'topics' command you need to: ask [character name] about 'topics'
HighImpactMoth added a review for Star Vores Adventures
If you want to show random people. on the internet, your dick and balls do it somewhere else

Opentus added a comment for Shrunk at High-School
Too many bugs, another update is necessery

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