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koekwaus added a comment for Shrunk at high-school (Ver.2)
Hey Kageman is the update going? We would love to hear some news from how far you have come with it!
2 hours ago
shrinkersanon added a comment for Shrunk at College
Amazing Porpoise - once you find her number, there are two different areas you can text her from. Her name doesn't always pop up in the verb list but is still textable.
7 hours ago
Asticar added a comment for Giantess Shrinking day (v 0.8.1)
(Warning: Spoilers)============================ Hey, when youre with haley in her room, there doesnt seem much to do, or ways to get out. the only ending i've managed to find was one where youre sucked down by a drain, and while youre above her vagina, there isnt any prompts or anything you can ...
8 hours ago
TheMagicalEzma added a review for Zombolocaust
I hope you continue making games like this!

9 hours ago
TheMagicalEzma added a comment for Zombolocaust
This was amazing! I totally recommend this!
9 hours ago

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