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As being one of the very first robots, you're also the smartest. Play on your computer, make some of your own robots, and maybe save all of the robots ever created by humans!
9 days ago

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AC Me Rolin added a review for Coming Out Simulator 2014
This was an amazing game and a brilliant experience! I would certainly recommend it to whomever happened to be on the site! Literally can't fault it.

1 hours ago
fishingvillage added a review for Find the Cookie
That final room was tricky - good work!

1 hours ago
plipe added a review for Escape the Prison
it's funny but I can't find a way to win

4 hours ago
DavyB added a comment for The tree
Hi Father, I'm enjoying the adventure but now stuck. I found the spike pretty quickly but haven't worked out where and how to use it. I did put it into an available hole but nothing seemed to happen?
4 hours ago
plipe added a review for A Young Boy Survival Guide to ZDay
it's ok but unfinished so yeah

4 hours ago

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