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The sequel to The Mansion sees you kidnapped by the mysterious corporation responsible for your uncle's death and held in a dingy prison cell. Can you escape the prison? Can you bring the corporation to justice? Can you avenge your uncle? Find out in this sequel of epic proportions!

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My first ever text-based game. Enjoy!
2 days ago

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RachelT728 added a comment for Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft
I'm stuck on rescuing Tally. I imagine it has something to do with the garden gnome from the fountain. I have him and have brought him to life with envive, but I can't seem to do anything with him in the courtyard.
29 minutes ago
Jusve added a comment for Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft
You're welcome, and thanks! I had of course tried the item in question, but I clearly wasn't clever enough to simply use PUT <ITEM> IN JACK; I was thinking along GIVE <ITEM> TO JACK, USE <ITEM> WITH JACK, as well as some others. But your wording totally makes more sense! ...
an hour ago
Craig Dutton added a comment for Dancing Storm
Hi Sarah, the wand is needed to gain access to something in the underworld but it's not the ivory box. A supernatural resident, locked away and forgotten in the castle, needs a riddle solved. Since you've got yourself in the underworld you should have what's needed to solve their riddle. ...
3 hours ago
daniel&ashley added a comment for Mermaid Bay
Thank you, Peter! I had already seen the mermaid, but had no idea what to do with what she gave me! I looked up some mermaid mythology to find the significance and figured it out!
8 hours ago
peter edwards added a comment for Mermaid Bay
Have you found the mermaid? Has she given you anything? I shall be out of touch for a few days, but will help you further (if you need it ) on my return. If you haven't met her yet, search the plants at the rock face. Good luck, and let me know how you get on.
8 hours ago

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