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undecidedgerm added a review for Nightmare
This is great!! It looks awesome, but you might get rid of the white background if possible. also would be nice to have a Start Over option at the end. But I enjoyed it!

22 minutes ago
undecidedgerm added a comment for Lost in the Storm (NSFW)
LOVE THE UPDATE!! Excited for you to release the next version. will you add some ass stuff?? Lol.
27 minutes ago
undecidedgerm added a review for Pick a Letter
Well done and fun to play!!

42 minutes ago
undecidedgerm added a review for JK Gamer with white cane
The machine translation is very poor and makes it difficult to read... I guess I got a good ending, but it was really short! Great interface though!

an hour ago
MythicalFlyingTurtles added a review for Normal Adventures TESTING (Not done, but enjoy)
I'm thinking it's gonna be good, but I gave up halfway because 1. Minecraft brings back bad memories and 2. I am a grammar freak

an hour ago

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