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20michaeljoe05 added a review for DON'T BREAK THE GLASS!!
Short, But good! Love the music.

4 hours ago
rch added a review for Shrunk With My Giantess Girlfriend
Good game, but needs 2 be updated.

4 hours ago
Moonwatcher added a comment for Warrior cats: ShAtTeReD {She-cats}
5 hours ago
JonQ added a review for Zombie Apocalypse For Kids
This is fun, well paced. You make typical moves for a Zombie crisis, but it's appropriately aimed for kids and even satisfying for adult players. Good CYOA. I like the illustrations!

6 hours ago
Sheograth10 added a comment for Shrunk at College
@call1ope While I think it would be great to have selectable pronouns and things like that, it would be very difficult and time consuming to implement. I'd essentially need to rework large swaths of the game, and that'd only be if I could figure out how to implement that sort of system. ...
6 hours ago

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