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Fyrestrike14 added a comment for Choice of the Dragon
I'll never grow tired of eating everything without a second thought. Glutton of a dragon, aren't I?
1 hours ago
IFforClassroom added a review for Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur
No está bien implementado. No reconoce muchos verbos y sustantivos.

3 hours ago
Donovan Legends added a review for doggos
Can't wait for the full version. Don't like how short it is but it seems like a nice adventure.

7 hours ago
Skie315 updated John Constantine EST. Asylum
10 hours ago
ASUPERSNIPERDOG added a comment for Hyperdimension Reduction Pre-Alpha 1.5
This is great but o have a question, will the entire game be unaware? Or will there be segments were they notice him?
10 hours ago

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