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Christy Starblood added a comment for Portkeys
OMG!! it was really cool!!! love your practicals!!! thank you for the experience, and by the way...couldn`t open the practical link from lesson 6, thank you Professor!!
2 hours ago
KITTY_ANGRY added a comment for The Hotel
when you help chloe find her suitcase, she tells you to go to third floor, how do you get to the third floor?
2 hours ago
KITTY_ANGRY added a review for The Hotel
great game, but how do you get to the third floor

3 hours ago
Billythekid1 added a comment for Shrunk at high-school (Ver.2)
I'm honestly confused. How do I use the items I collect on certain objects?
4 hours ago
Shermanator added a comment for A Small Adventure (Update)
Shyguy. It's because Kageman didn't share his game data to the public, so I have to rebuild it from scratch. Also I just really like Elsa's Motel and Shrink in College, both of which have a level of detail few other giantess games have. Oh and for those wondering when the next update ...

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