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Xexeo updated Vou a aula?
12 hours ago
(unknown) posted a new game The Hobbit: The True Story, redux, Director's Cut (2017 port)
# The Hobbit: The True Story # redux, Director's Cut # - Inform 7 port of old MS-DOS adventure # Copyright 1993, 2001 Fredrik Ramsberg, Johan Berntsson NOTE: BIG THANKS to Fredrik Ramsber...
12 hours ago
snazzy ray added a review for The Xylophoniad
Great! My favorite of yours so far!

13 hours ago
LivingSyn added a comment for The Adventures of Batman: Rise of the Riddler
I do wish, however, that we had a choice to let Harley go back to Arkham. I like her character, and don't see the harm in it. Also, when do I get to actually Bat-Punch The Riddler right in his damn face?
14 hours ago
LivingSyn added a review for The Adventures of Batman: Rise of the Riddler
Another absolutely fantastic Batman adventure, mah boi! Wouldn't mind seeing one with Bane, and maybe a teamup with Catwoman?

15 hours ago

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