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Tolotickbomb added a review for What Dragons Need
Amazing game. I love it!

an hour ago
Jellylake added a review for Venus Meets Venus
Absolutely incredible. This reads like a poem. This is art at one of its finest

an hour ago
Tolotickbomb added a comment for What Dragons Need
So... What are you supposed to do once you collect all the materials in bovek? I talked to Corona and he just told me what materials i needed
an hour ago
H. Vernon added a review for The Caves of Krodan
I liked this - it had some interesting little puzzles. I would like to see some more character and plot, for better motivation.

5 hours ago
ARCtype added a review for Small.
Father Thyme knows how to create a good, immersive game. I enjoyed this greatly, and even felt a little bit claustrophobic.

6 hours ago

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