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Lexikitten added a review for Kidnapped
This game was awesome. Nothin like a bit of stockholm syndrome to help you get what you want, huh? XD lol. Well written, imaginative. Keep up the good work!

an hour ago
Lexikitten added a comment for Sandwich Simulator 2017
New level unlocked in my life: I got to be a sandwich! I'm hungry now, though..But I don't want to make a sandwich because it would feel too much like cannibalism!
1 hours ago
wacazord added a review for Surrounded by Masculinity
Really beautiful game, like interactive poetry. Excellent mood, just enough confusion to immerse you without being annoying. Really good at showing being stifled. I think it's about a trans girl because of all the times she was asked if she was a boy or a girl and she said girl, and she called ...

3 hours ago
Duck Jones added a review for Sburb [Homestuck]
I really love the game but I am having some trouble with understanding some of the commands.

3 hours ago
Lexikitten added a comment for Destiel Story
Apparently the online version of the quest game maker is worse than the offline one. blah. I give up on remaking it on the site. I wish the updates would actually work though D: Apparently I can't delete my own comments either. >_>;
4 hours ago

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