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JayMoon added a review for When The Message Blinks
Love it :)

4 hours ago
JayMoon added a review for Change Your Life
I like it actually, pretty funny. Lots of ways to go through the story :)

6 hours ago
TNKText added a comment for A Story of Salvation
I'm completely new to text based games- this is the first one I've ever tried but I'm stuck completely. I can't get into any of the buildings at all. Can someone please give a newbie some tips. I love this so far and really want to finish the game.
10 hours ago
JackJackFour added a comment for Shrunk at high-school (Ver.2)
I can't get the vent open in the lounge? I have the screwdriver, but there's no option to remove the cover...
14 hours ago
The Well updated The Game of Lives
18 hours ago

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