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Arolock added a comment for This One Elf Guy Goes on a Quest or Something
I don’t know what the hell I just read but I love it
an hour ago
WCBlazeheart added a comment for Xanadu - The World's Only Hope
Still a total idiot. By lasso do you mean belt? I haven't acquired a lasso yet... am I missing something?
16 hours ago
Palpitoad added a comment for An Extremley Stupid RPG: Glorious Edtion
Make yourself get attacked by a turtle in a tank from the future.
16 hours ago
XanMag added a comment for Xanadu - The World's Only Hope
Go to the sprawling desert (I think that’s the name of it). Hide behind dune. Use lasso on sticky bugs. You can use lasso now to get a key. The key is good on the locked gate leading into the town. Just make sure you take the cloth from the gate BEFORE you open the gate.
16 hours ago

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