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-Pyjamallama- added a review for Zombolocaust
Very interactive and fun. Everybody gets different scores at the end and it feels like you are a part of the world. The illustrations are quite nice, and the simplistic style works well to illustrate whats happening. A nice take on the classic zompocalypse.

2 hours ago
-Pyjamallama- added a review for Assimilationist or Integrationist?
Pretty good. Not very long but very clear and meaningful. Overall, not too shabby.

3 hours ago
-Pyjamallama- added a review for I.T. Man: a Story of Love, Joy, and Tears
A pretty good game. The humour is pretty spot on and there's plenty of stuff to do. if you're looking for something to spend some time on, this is pretty good. After all, there are 12 endings! 4/5.

4 hours ago
-Pyjamallama- added a review for Rock:The Game
Simplistic yet beautiful. Rock The Game is a must play. It is hilarious and will put you in a good mood. a few grammatical errors but none that can't be understood. 5/5.

5 hours ago
yourmommalikesguns added a comment for Shrunk at High-School
If you could post the source code on a google doc and make a shareable link you could share the source code easily. Would make it possible for people to continue the game.
6 hours ago

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