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You have been hired to take down an evil ninja organization. The ninjas are very vicious and they don't like people. You must take them down before they take the powers of something!
3 days ago

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the_ringmaster added a review for Photopia
Awesome, engaging, and original. I love how everything is interwoven and related. Great storytelling, excellent writing. I wish more people played this.

9 hours ago
ziongame added a comment for Assassin
Took me two hours to figure out
11 hours ago
Midnight Wolf added a review for My Uncle George
It was alright, but very short

14 hours ago
KeredDrahcir added a comment for Mystery of Silver Mountain
You can forget my last comment. I didn't explore the island far enough. I found something to help me there. I'm trying to avoid saying too much of what I'm doing to avoid spoiling it for other people.
15 hours ago
Paper Asssassin updated The Fast Food Button
17 hours ago

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