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This is my first game, hope you enjoy!
7 days ago
Hey its fun....i tried dont hurt me
8 days ago

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Sack head added a review for Five Night at Freddys
Seen better Try something more creative next time.

21 minutes ago
rcsjr1951 added a comment for The Lunastone
Finally figured out how to obtain a happy ending. Craig Dutton you have done a fantastic job on this game! Look forward to trying out other you have written. I was tempted to write a spoiler sheet for the game but thought why ruin it for everyone else that might play. I have played many text adv ...
2 hours ago
ChubbyLandshark added a review for Good Morning, World!
I love it :D

5 hours ago
#Totalgamer added a review for Five Night at Freddys
ive seen better

5 hours ago
ChubbyLandshark added a comment for Blood And Mud
TF2 reference amazing
6 hours ago

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