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AzurRanfan added a comment for Size Stories
I really like what you have written. I hope you are able to add more to this game.
1 hours ago
wadmander added a comment for A Shrinking Work Project
Whoops, sorry. That was the section I worked on immediately prior to uploading, and I added a shortcut there so I didn't have to go through everything else to troubleshoot. And I forgot to remove that exit. That is the very end of the game though, so you didn't miss anything. Thanks!
6 hours ago
theGol added a comment for A Shrinking Work Project
Great game. I think there might be an error at the end of Sophie's segment though. After you tie her shoes and she says to follow her, if you go south you end up at the beginning of the game.
6 hours ago
Enderwolfey added a review for A Shrunken Dilemma (High School Giantess)
When is the update comming?

13 hours ago
Ava_xxx added a comment for Size Stories
Would like some non fatal interactions added to the girl's bathroom and changing room.
18 hours ago

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