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Otakunami777 added a review for Zork
It's Sheldon approved(TBBT) a great text adventure for all ages keeps you busy mentally

1 hours ago
Ava_xxx added a review for A small hook up V0.1 (NSWF)
Great start! I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

7 hours ago
WarriorCatsTextAdventureMaker191 added a comment for The Path of Willowfrost
Is this some type of sick joke?
8 hours ago
WarriorCatsTextAdventureMaker191 added a review for Warrior Cats
I don't give a FRICK about Darkfeather. But oh no, you HAVE TO be mates with him. Atleast make multiple toms to be with, y'know! There's no other way to go than 'be mates with darkfeather' and it makes the game really shallow and mediocre. It's also not interesting at all. I& ...

8 hours ago
syxxity added a review for The Demon's Bet
This was amazing! It was decently hard, fun, etc. Epic!

15 hours ago

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