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You are a prince with a longing for adventure. Your actions determine what is real and what is fake in the story. Do dragons exist? Or they just myth? Currently the story needs a little work, but one of the paths should be a lot of fun! Enjoy!
4 days ago

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peter123 updated Avast, Ye Mateys!
3 hours ago
CrazyCodes updated |MAZE|
3 hours ago
DaNiX88 added a comment for The House of Dom Orre
Peter, I've gotten into the rac, but the nottub has no effect. I was wondering if there was some sort of necessary power source somewhere, but I can't find any clues. I'll search around the rac for now. Hope to hear from you soon! Great game, by the way. I admit it was a bit challengi ...
4 hours ago
jasmineking23158 added a comment for MINECRAFT Hunger Games
how to play minecraft
5 hours ago

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