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WarriorsSN added a review for the Noise: Interactive Story
Ok, so honestly, great concept! It was too short, tho, and i did not get the point of the 'nothing' choice because I'm assuming that would just end the game if u didn't have anything to do. Also, any remotely right-minded person would be able to make these SUPER easy decisions so the ...

13 minutes ago
Privateer added a comment for The Zen Garden
Thanks LiquidMou! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Happy exploring! :)
2 hours ago
Hormus added a comment for A Most Redundant Forest
You've got to be kidding me......
4 hours ago
Scartell added a review for Creatures Such As We
This was one of the most beautiful stories and text adventure I had ever played and read. Character development was incredible and it was extremely realistic. I look forward to more games like this.

4 hours ago
FumikageTokoyami added a comment for Avast, Ye Mateys!
In about a week, this was my game stats: SHIP Hull: 70 Armor: 13 Cannons: 50 Crew: 70 Gold: 3056 *Most of the achievements completed*
4 hours ago

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