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Be Like Them is an interactive poem that is part of an installation titled Talismanic Shirts of Acceptance
9 days ago

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BeggerStager added a review for She Met a Girl
... Interesting Pretty descriptive... ... Nice

an hour ago
BeggerStager added a comment for Star Command (ALPHA)
4/5 Nice amount of dialogue. I think this has a lot of potential. Keep working on it please. I'll probably officially rate it once it's done.
an hour ago
Murph added a review for Victorian Detective
Finally a work of art. I felt like SH almost the entire time although at certain points i felt the reasoning is not sttong enough as other ppsibilities were also possible and cantbe entirely excluded as the game presented them. Also towards the end i felt as if the game lead me to ask questions i wo ...

1 hours ago
Rooting Story added a review for my father's long, long legs
I will not have nightmares,but,this surely made me spooked,those sounds at the end...freaky.I loved the flashlight effect.

6 hours ago
Thug_Pug413 added a review for Help Cas get the booty
Awesome <3

6 hours ago

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