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mario.rossi added a review for Wish Granted (A tiny adventure) v0.2
Nice game! Looking forward for the updates. If it keeps up like this it will deserve 5 stars.

10 hours ago
bitterkarella added a comment for Night House
@Marypinkbunny: Hi, sorry for the confusion! Not sure why "open box with scissors" isn't working now, I'll have to look into that. In the meantime, "use scissors with box" will work to open the box. Thanks for playing!
22 hours ago
marypinkbunny added a comment for Night House
I need to cut strapping tape on large cardboard box in basement with scissors. When I typed "OPEN BOX WITH SCISSORS" (followed from walk-through at and then the game returned a sentence "I can' ...
gamma123 added a comment for the Sirra sandbox game
do you think you could add a giantess tigress from kunfupanda also maybe godzilla
infinentvariables added a review for Cheese
bumped my head 1000 times ate some shards and died 10/10 just for that lol


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