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The sequel to The Mansion sees you kidnapped by the mysterious corporation responsible for your uncle's death and held in a dingy prison cell. Can you escape the prison? Can you bring the corporation to justice? Can you avenge your uncle? Find out in this sequel of epic proportions!

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A choose your own adventure story
3 days ago
This is really weird, I made it a long time ago and it's really bad but whatever. Type dance at the beginning or else nothing will happen.
6 days ago

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ThatYoungGenius added a review for Shaving Your Legs
What kind of a- this so-called "humour" is more aimed at 8-year-olds. In saying that, my 8-year-old brother doesn't find this funny.

an hour ago
ThatYoungGenius added a review for 9:05
Not going to do any spoilers, but wow. It's so great! Really creative and different, I L-O-V-E it! UGH! SO AMAZING!!!!

1 hours ago
Zefou added a comment for Train (Demo)
Once again, thanks for the compliments! I will get back to working on this game once my exams are done in two weeks. Among other things, I can see that I will need to drop a few hints on how to solve the puzzles. I'll find some way to do this. The worst part is that there are already even worse ...
2 hours ago
MisterPibb316 added a comment for Train (Demo)
Had a similar experience: couldn't figure out how to get the tape recorder, and kept getting caught. What I managed to play through is promising and has a compelling blend of suspense and unsolved questions that move the plot forward, so I hope you decide to finish this game.
4 hours ago
MisterPibb316 added a review for The Farm House (On The Road Part 1)
Quest has many zombie-themed survival horror games that are split into short chapters that end around the time you start feeling like you could get into the story. This is one of them.

5 hours ago

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