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inprestigejindal added a comment for
11 hours ago
NotToday61 added a review for White
This game was PERFECT for me! I love a mystery but sometimes, things get too complicated or too long. Not here. It made me think but didn't drag on. I am quite an impatient person so having a quick fix of entertainment was exactly what I needed. I 100% would recommend it! Have a go!

14 hours ago
colorains added a comment for Escape from the Mechanical Bathhouse
I don't know how to use the card.
15 hours ago
Ava_xxx added a comment for My new Shrinking power
Sad to see your last game didn't get updates but I do hope this one will.
23 hours ago
IntriguedGag added a review for Hungry Quest 2 DEMO
MANY different monstergirls. You can feel how each one of them is unique in their way of talking. Especiallly the ones with ACCENTS gosh i loved those! The personalities are all well fit too! The world also seems very interesting if i may say in my subjectiveness. PS: Bonus point! Many sexy ...


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