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Male Annabelle Doll 96 added a review for Black River Alpha
This game is awful, I have just wasted 30 minutes doing nothing.

2 hours ago
DarkLizerd added a comment for Empire of the sinking sun
First off... The player should never be in control of the dice rolls and inventory control...
2 hours ago
Male Annabelle Doll 96 added a comment for Alice and the Wishing Tree
I am stuck outside the door with the faceā€¦ Any help?
9 hours ago
Nutjitzu added a comment for CageFighter: Future or Failure
Yaay! I won! =D
12 hours ago
peter edwards added a comment for Escape from the Forbidden City
Jojois, I'm very pleased you enjoyed the game. Thanks for telling me about the dart anomaly. I'll look into it, and put it right. I know it's not important, but I'm a bit funny that way! Peter
15 hours ago

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