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You are Crash Bandicoot. A failed experiment by the evil Dr Neo Cortex. He wanted to create you to help him take over the world with his other animal troops. But you turned good and escaped Cortex's castle. But Cortex has captured the next bandicoot subject, Tawna. It's now up to you to save Tawna and stop Cortex and his minions!
15 hours ago

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DavyB added a comment for Woo Goes There?
...actually I've made some progress and realise there is more that you have achieved than I realised. Leave me a couple of days before providing clues!
4 hours ago
DavyB added a comment for Woo Goes There? trying to catch up with you, looking at your earlier comments, the gap seems to be: 1. I haven't found the vinegar 2. I can't open the jar 3. ...and I haven't made it past Bee Also, using the gas didn't seem to produce any useful result. Perhaps I've applied it to the ...
5 hours ago
MelvinEugeneHacker added a comment for An Extremley Stupid RPG: n00by Edition
add in a fat kid on a unicycle that would be hilarious
6 hours ago
DavyB added a comment for Woo Goes There?
That's good timing! I've just finished the map and didn't really find out much that I didn't know already. I'll try to catch up with you as we are probably close but a hint on opening the jar would help as I've given that a reasonable effort.
6 hours ago
Cyril added a comment for Woo Goes There?
Hey DavyB: Yes I am Cyril. Glad to hear you are enjoying the game. It is true there are 3 different types of flowers and you can collect them all. Mapping out the game takes a little time but will make progress much easier. You can expect to have to restart the game because it appears that it i ...
7 hours ago

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