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You are Crash Bandicoot. A failed experiment by the evil Dr Neo Cortex. He wanted to create you to help him take over the world with his other animal troops. But you turned good and escaped Cortex's castle. But Cortex has captured the next bandicoot subject, Tawna. It's now up to you to save Tawna and stop Cortex and his minions!
2 days ago

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DavyB added a comment for Woo Goes There?
Thanks for the tips! I'd be annoyed as well if someone stole my mat!! I started to follow the chain but unfortunately although my pizza was scoffed, I still wasn't allowed through? Perhaps it is time to start again from the beginning. I do have a huge saved file tha loads every time I re ...
2 hours ago
Slim Shady added a comment for A New Beginning
Very nice, I got shot when I tried to run for it. But I like your writing, it's clear and most importantly grammatically correct (I was kind of expecting a lot of typos and bad English from online sites). Great job.
7 hours ago
rcsjr1951 added a comment for Woo Goes There?
Just as a heads up. You can store all of your items in the briefcase once you have unlocked it and opened it. When closed anything inside is hidden from view. Very handy! Also necessary if you want Dusty Den to be at all sociable again. When this occurs he will give you something that will get ...
12 hours ago
peter edwards updated The Lost Scroll
12 hours ago
DavyB added a comment for Woo Goes There?
Thanks, I'd already lit the candle and explored the caves. Also, I had given the gas to the right person as it did lead to progress and I now have probably completed my interaction with the librarian, 66 and Paxo. I was overthinking the opening of the lid, trying to heat it or hit it with an ...
14 hours ago

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