Reader/Player/Fan Created Levels?? Good idea?

So I'm working on a new game entitled, SYSTEM REBOOT, in the story you are a Kaki (KAH-KEY) and you live in a video game console and travel through house through WiFi, electrical systems, and rechargeable batteries. All the levels base around having to repair various game systems from the inside.
I'm going to launch the game with Two levels (NES and Xbox One) but I'll have four grayed out missions as well as some secret missions that require searching on the players part (Unclickable, Gameboy, PS4, Oculus Rift, and Raspberry Pi) that will be added as I go along.
But I was thinking about giving a template in the description of the game for players/readers/fans to create their own puzzles and levels and submit them to me Via E-mail with the possibility of being added to the game, thus bringing more to the game then what there already will be.
So, Is this is good idea???

This will be the image for the game, BTW ^^^^^ :mrgreen:

I'm so lonely.... :P

Sounds wonderful, but please use this forum to update/test instead of CONSTANTLY updating your game publicly.

As per your game, I'm always looking for a new game to test but I would advise against publicly publishing ANY game that is partially finished. Please.

And, I'd be 100% against public suggestions to additions to the game. EVERY book, for example, that I've ever read that is co-authored has entirely sucked. It's too obvious that it is two different points of view. "Read Kill"

Ok, Thanks!

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