JS Question for input user-- outputting

Hello I am new to this engine and have some experience in coding. I am having a problem with trying to implement user feeback, Ie I ask the user a question and they answer back and after they answer back I use the same input they gave me to output on screen. Unfortanualy I am using the web version of Quest 2 and i am limited with the coding aspects of stuff. here is the code I am using to try and make this happen. PLEASE HELPPP
I am also getting this error message when trying to execute the "command" I am wanting

Error running script: Error compiling expression '((customParseInt("1e4") * customParseInt("1e4")) === 1)': Value cannot be null.Parameter name: key

userInput = ("Please enter the narrative in quotes")
if (((customParseInt("1e4") * customParseInt("1e4")) === 1)) {
  alert ("You entered: " + userInput)
else {
  alert ("narrative not found")

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