Space Ship

There has been some activity on this (44-21), So, I have been continuing to work on it.
Still just a ship mover, and perhaps a few typos, hopefully, just a few.
Thanks to Pixie, I got a good grasp on the SVG command that is the heart of the scanner and target info.
Just like I wanted, Scanner screen on one side, target info to the other side.
Yes, I know, The heading to the target does not read correctly... Still got to figure that one out. But, at least
the test station is shown correctly.
One thing I still want to fix is that the scanner top, SHOULD be where the ship is facing, so that when it turns,
the targets rotate around the screen correctly... I had the rotate correct, but the target did not move correctly
as the ship moved.
The next update will (should, I hope) have everything working up to the battle.
(FYI: don't launch the ship at full speed first... or try it and see what happens...)

Bump... Not dead... yet...

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