Got Any Tips/Suggestions for Making a Date Sim?

Hey, I'm pretty new here. I'm working on a big project. I'm trying to make a Dating Simulator. The text-based version is to get my thoughts together on what the player will be able to do and the over-all flow of the paths the player will be able to choose. I know what I generally want each path to be like, but I need help on how to make it work with this program. One major problem is character selection. How do I work that into a text-adventure game? Also, I want to make the score the progress that the player has made with whomever they pursue. Is there a way to make a "progress score" for each individual character? Or is there a way I could make it impossible to pursue a character and then pursue another? If anyone could help out that would be great and I thank you greatly in advance.

On my phone right now so I can't be off too much help, but these are all doable. They're more technical questions than game design ones though so I'd recommend moving this to the general Quest section. It tends to get more attention than this one anyhow.

Some clarification on what you mean by character selection might be needed. Is the idea to have multiple protagonists?

Thanks. :) I'll see if I can delete this and repost it in the General section.

I wrote a post for you in the general section, hopefully it'll be of some help, if you can understand/follow it... if not, ask for help or explanation of anything with it!

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