Anyone done a Text based graphic adventure recently?

Anyone here know of any games recently made with artwork, like the pawn or questprobe series?
I'm an accomplished artist and loved the genre, just in interested to see if there's actual interest or not


I put my own artwork in my text adventure game. If that's what you mean :O


I'm working on an IF system for mobiles, the concept is point and click text. The idea is to have accompanying illustrations, icons and character portraits; also sound effects.

To that end, I'm looking for an illustrator.

Thanks. I ask the question because I've seen next to no one make an actual graphic adventure with artwork recently. If you have links to I'd be v interested to see.

My game is "Apocamorphosis" on here if you want to check it out. I only have a few pictures in there now though.

Thanks will check it out:)

It's not really my bag, but you can't help but be impressed with the work that's obviously gone into this:

Having read your thread title again the above game looks more like a point and click, so maybe not what you're after.

Thanks ourjud.
I must admit I have a slight feeling that I'm in a minority that like graphic text based parser adventures ( if that's what the technical term for the genre is ). I'm just figuring out if it's popular enough to devote significant time to be appreciated.

Thanks for the link and will check it out too:)

I'm hoping to have a beta and a website with tutorials and demos soon for my IF system. It's different from other offerings in that it specifically targets mobile devices and is open source.

The main idea is point and click text, but i want a lot of graphics too; scenes, objects, icons, portraits and so on. I think this is what you're alluding to with "graphic based parser adventure", where the player doesn't click on a picture instead clicks on text or types it.

itc2016 said:
I must admit I have a slight feeling that I'm in a minority that like graphic text based parser adventures.

When I used to play these games as a kid, I was the most excited person alive when I bought a game called Twin Kingdom Valley. It was a graphic text adventure, and the prospect of having pictures to accompany the descriptions, generated an excitement I could barely contain.

Once I'd loaded the game up it was somewhat of a disappointment, but I do recognise the appeal a graphical adventure holds.

I got sucked in with playing the questprobe series on my commodore plus 4. It came without graphics and I bugged friends of mine with better computers to play at theirs. Now I work for marvel doing artwork, and love every minute.

I digress... So what's the actual term for games that use a text parser which show graphics on the top 3/4 of the screen - and if so

  1. have there been any made recently
  2. Do you think there's actual interest in the genre?

So what's the actual term for games that use a text parser which show graphics on the top 3/4 of the screen

I think the term you're looking for is Visual Novel. :P

Seriously, I grew up with illustrated text adventures like The Hobbit, or Spiderman. This side of 2000, Nothing but Mazes and Ekphrasis were well-received. And some Twines these days are very graphical. But for the most part, the specific format you describe is better represented by visual novels now. Not quite the same thing, but things change. So you might want to look at them. The VN crowd certainly seems willing to include certain kinds of interactive fiction into the definition of their favorite medium; perhaps we should reciprocate.

Thank you so much:)
ill Google visual novels. I appreciate you giving me the heads up

Tip: Start you search at You're most welcome!

I'm not sure if itc2016 still reads this topic, but a new graphical text adventure has just been posted here, called beached!. At the moment it's in uncategorised for reviewing purposes. If you're still looking for a new project to join as an artist, part 2 of beached! will go into production soon.

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