Pathfinder is now up. This is a star ship/crew management game. You jump to each new system in your pathfinder vessel, dealing with issues and encounters as you attempt to build ring gates for the expanding human race.

Currently, the game will take you up to the first jump. However, if you go through the tutorial, you can detour into the gym for a little hand-to-hand training.

Lots planned for the game. I have to sit down and write the system arrival / resource harvesting next!

Hope you like it!

New version up - V0.3. Now you can actually do things in the system, build gates and jump to other places. And even morale and mutinies, too!

I would recommend not naming and detailing the ship's captain. Let whoever is playing the game - to be the captain. That will make player connect with the ship, crew and the story way more. Instead I would give bit more background on the first page, for example:

It finally happened! Years of service and hard work finally paid off and just a couple of days back you have been promoted to the rank of Captain! Ceremony itself was not too grand, but shortly afterward you have been ordered to report to the Deepspace Military Shipyards for a secret briefing. Excited and ready for anything, you stepped into the shuttle that will take you to the Shipyard in just about five minutes.

You could add bit of history about player character's service in the space navy or something, but this way you make it easier to get into the role play. Those are my 2 cents, hope it helps :)

Actually, that's a pretty good suggestion. I'll probably use the "blank face" your your image and allow you to assign first and last name, as well as gender, to your character.

Right now I'm working on getting ship combat working. Tying it in with boarding has been a very unseen headache but I think I'm on top of it now. Should be releasing another update shortly.

And thanks for playing!

Nice game! Sent you my thoughts through textadventures private messaging system.

Pathfinder V0.5 is ready for play. First thing, we've got a Tutorial in place. That should make the commands a little clearer.

Other changes are:

0.5 Added two engineering maneuvers. Added ability to give up when your Pathfinder mission stalls. Added mutinies for mad Night Watch officers. Added Media officer functions. Added research rules for Scientists and Build rules for Ship Services. Added more detailed scoring. Added Civilian encounters.

You can play it here. If you are looking for a simple adventure, this isn't it - this is a simulation of command and control as your crew ages and you journey to the edge of the galaxy!

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