Where is everyone? - A horror text adventure (Finally Complete)

You have been living the same day on a loop for over a year, your monotonous routine never varying. Each morning, you rise from your slumber, feed your beloved feline companion, Felix, before attempting, and failing, to connect to your home's WiFi.

Then, you set off on a venture to seek out your neighbours, hoping to make some connection with the outside world. But it seems that fate has other plans for you.
Each time you step out of your abode, the snow begins to fall, heavier and heavier with each passing moment, forcing you to retreat back to your isolation.

Something is amiss, you can feel it, and your intuition does not deceive you. It's been almost a year, and you haven't seen a soul. No one seems to venture out of their homes, no cars on the streets, and no planes in the sky. It's as if the entire world has vanished, leaving you stranded in your solitude.

The last thing you remember is hearing the sirens, the kind that usually accompany an air raid. Then, everything went silent, and the snow began to pour.


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