☀♘ the Slew of Despond ♘☀ [Two Ships in the One Night]

I have made the promised sequel. I don't know if I will make another, but this one is up.


Oh awesome! I've bookmarked it to play later on tonight :)

Well, I just updated, so I hope you hadn't already had a chance to play. The fireflies, lantern, shards, and scroll are all active now, but were not for a while. It plays best offline, but your connection might be a lot better than mine. It does play either way, but online I froze playing the game and racing (except on my high-speed hour).

I did have to update again, as I had left .png off the fireflies. Oh, well. I hope you had fun, except that. I also erased a duplicate description. ☺⃣

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