DEATH PENALTY: A Game about Escaping Death Row by TheUpperDiamond (RELEASE)

You are Orangeth Nuarange of Oranness, a country in the southwestern region of Smörgåsbord, a continent in a different universe. You are to be executed because you have been caught by and exposed to humans, endangering your kind and the multiverse. Your execution is in 5 minutes. What is your plan to escape?

From the maker of "Gilui & Orima", this short game involves a minor character from that game before the events that unfolded in said game. This game is relatively quick and can be completed in 15-45 minutes depending on how you play the game. This game, just like "Gilui & Orima", may have some bugs, so report any bugs you find during your playthrough. This game is also a one-man project, so please be patient.

This game contains the following:

Violence (Torture towards person/child, gruesome depictions of murder, etc.)
Vehicular Manslaughter
Comic Mischief
Mild Language
Other Possible Trigger Warnings (Gun violence)

This game is intended for those people 13 years old and up. If you are not 13 years old or older and/or do not want to see anything listed above, do not play this game.

Play the Game Here:

More features will be available soon. Feel free to point out some bugs you encounter during gameplay.


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