IFComp 2016

Judging for IFComp 2016 has now started, and you can find all the games here:

One to highlight is The God Device - because I write it! It is a hypertext game written in Twine, so a bit different for me. See what you think:

Also check out Night House, by Bitter Karella, which I beta-tested, and was written in Quest.

Note to mods: Could both our games get categoried ASAP please?

Oh! I didn't realize we could post our games here while the contest was going on; I'll have to make Night House public asap. :)

Question, bitter...

I've got batteries in the flashlight, but it won't turn on. Am I missing something logical here? Thanks.

Hi XanMag, sorry for the delayed response! If you have the batteries inside the flashlight, it should automatically be replaced with a "working flashlight." You won't need to turn it on; it will automatically illuminate any areas that you were blocked from entering for lack of light. Thanks for playing! :)

Ooh, same. Publishing to public view.

Eight characters, a number, and a happy ending (https://ifcomp.org/1466/main/Eight%20characters,%20a%20number,%20and%20a%20happy%20ending.html) is now live at http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/cwaw8a3ciuclbc6mvwtptw/eight-characters-a-number-and-a-happy-ending and is on the IFComp ballot, which, as The Pixie says, you'll find at https://ifcomp.org/ballot/

Best of luck, everyone.

My entry is "Detectiveland" - https://ifcomp.org/1473/content/index.html - and I'll put a copy of it on this site after the comp closes.
Good luck everyone!

Ah, since other comp entrants are doing it, I went ahead and added my game here: https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/wcxyblcktksx6ljky_pz7w/detectiveland

I really liked the detective game concept. Loved the design too... Finally someone that has got a grip on making their game look attractive. Was playing on my phone so might be even better on a desktop.

Will play properly later, although I couldn't seem to get that lady to actually leave my office. I could end the conversation, but she seemingly just stayed there and I was unable to interview anyone else.

Hi everybody! I just found out about this forum, so cool seeing some fellow entrants here :)

I'm Victor and my game for IFComp 2016 is "Ariadne in Aeaea", a parser game. It's a tongue-in-cheek game following the early exploits of Ariadne, a roguish Minoan priestess. Find it here: https://ifcomp.org/ballot/#entry-1488

Have a great day everyone!

thetruespin: Go ahead and leave her there. She'll leave after you do. If you want to open another case before you've solved hers, you can, but you'll need to get out of the way for a few turns first or she'll never go home. I should probably have handled this a bit more elegantly, by having her leave anyway when you've asked her about everything - that's something to add in a post-comp update. Thanks for the feedback!

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