"Nugget" (2-Player Test Demo)

Nugget is a somewhat difficult, yet somewhat short turn-based RPG created by TheUpperDiamond, taking place in between Scenarios 12 and 13 of "Gilui & Orima". You play as Aaron Callahan and your goal is to retrieve some soda for your cousin's 13th birthday. On the way, you'll battle bosses in a turn-based RPG style. Use your wits and your comically large hammer you keep for self-defense to keep those evildoers at bay. But stay alert! A murderer is out and about on the streets and no one knows what he looks like, so you better be careful...

Use anything at your disposal to battle 4 unfriendly foes and an option 5th boss to succeed in your given task. With your trusty hammer and pocket dictionary-thesaurus-encyclopedia, you and your glasses may make it out in one piece.

This game takes place in the Gilui & Orima universe and is indeed CANON TO THE STORY. A handful of elements in this game may spoil some important story tidbits in Gilui & Orima (and vice versa), so it's recommended you play Gilui & Orima first.

From the generic evil boss of every RPG ever to YOUR MOTHER, This cast of bosses with their own individual motives will keep you on your toes!

(Oh yeah, the majority of the cast of Gilui & Orima are also returning, too.)

When your words fail to break bones, a hammer will surely work. (Source: Bro, trust me.) 4 special attacks are at your disposal. From increased speed and accuracy to a damage buff, to even MP restoration, you're sure to breeze through even the hardest of difficulties! Speaking of...

We got a quick handful of difficulty modes for the player who thinks the game is easy. An easy mode is available to the casual player who wants to breeze through the game (and maybe get a world record), while a Hard mode shall be granted to those who beat Normal just to give them that one tougher challenge. Once you beat Hard Mode, a threat worse than Officer Anderson shall draw near, pushing you to your absolute limit!

Pass the mouse from one player to another (or yourself again if you want to practice) and compete for Ultima Victoria in the versus mode! 3 handicap parameters are available so everyone is welcome! Not to mention, 7 different game modes to keep the formula fresh! Who wields the hammer best? Who is the fastest on their feet? Who can write the best self-appreciation poem? There's only one way to find out!

...and SECRETS!
What are they? You'll have to play to find out! I don't want to spoil the fun now, right? I can't just give these things for free; that'd be too easy!

The final game might contains the following:

Gruesome Depictions of Death involving Women, Family members, and complete strangers
Violence References (Violence/abuse towards person, murder, torture, etc.)
This game is intended for those people 13 years old and up. If you are not 13 years old or older and/or do not want to see anything listed above, do not play this game.

Play the Game (or what's currently of it):

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