☀♖ the Slew of Despond ♖☀ [One - Castle Seed]

I have uploaded the game I started working on after following an online tutorial I found through the Quest forum. It is a quirky fantasy game. If anyone wants to play it and comment, or just try it out, here it is, along with my other Quest Text Adventures.
It's the most recent.

Don't worry, it has everything it needed.

I am just saying this because earlier I had to fix some clearly visible, if minor, errors.
I missed them playing through it because I hadn't checked the corners they were hiding in, but that's what happens when people work in their sleep, so I have fixed a few things. If you have already downloaded the game, this upload is cleaner, and I apologize for showing off the inside of the hem, there.
And I have finally added the tapestry I thought was already in the room, as well as the primitive horn image. I think that may be the last.

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