hey! i just finished my first game...no-one has played it yet! it's in limbo...

if anyone fancies giving it a quick look...that would be amazing!

it's called ennui. it's about running away from your computer.


Congrats! Great story, storytelling and atmosphere.
I'm convinced many here will like this one. If this is your first game, it's impressive.
Keep up the good work!

Bravo! THIS is a well done game. Its holding my attention, it's not making me guess what I'm supposed to do, its making sense, and I'm enjoying it.

Thanks folks. It is indeed my first game. Not sure how to get it in front of more eyes but I appreciate the feedback :)

EDIT: And if anyone else does like it, a brief review would be lovely.

Not sure how to get it in front of more eyes

have you tried posting it on facebook?

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