Dragon of atlantis

Dragon of atlantis game - Work in progress
No, I haven't completed my game.
This is my first time producing a choose your own adventure game that actually have a story and I want to do it right, so that my future clones have something to imitate from.
If you are interested in sending in your story, you will be credited if I use your story, this is just a side experiment to see how good collaboration can be.

So, I am using https://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/832/pg832-images.html
to produce more storylines in my game.
Gutenberg was recommended by Ip Man, and it is currently the best story source that is copyright free website available.
I will credit that exact link in my game as well even though it seems that I do not need to do so, because I want to show sincerity in appreciation of other people's hardwork whether their copyright license have ran out or not.

So according to robin hood, the king had stake his claim on the deers and territory, making the lives of the people near there hungry and offended, sooner or later, they started stealing the deers and build reclusive tree houses in the forests.
My dragon of atlantis is a too simplified one, a hero is going to kill the dragon to prove his worth and the end.
To remix this two story, we can say that the king had died and the new prince have started claiming territories including the hero's village.

The hero could either steal animals from the forest going against the new prince, or he could join the new prince in hunting down the illegal poachers. Whatever the hero chooses, it is clear that the village is not an easy place to make a living anymore, and people started to take faraway quests like dragon of atlantis in search of a better place to build a house. The island of atlantis is a very particular area, because it is reigned by an ice dragon, the prince would not be able to claim that territory and so he released a strange quest upon the very inn that the hero step into.

This quest, Dragon of Atlantis offers 1000 gold to anyone who slays the dragon of atlantis, however, we all know what comes after that, rumours started spreading that the prince will claim that atlantis island as his own too. Then the people of saltwind settlement will have less places to forage for fishes and deers. But when the hero arrives at the island of atlantis, it is proven that the island is uninhabitable as the dragon sources the new islanders as free meat, the hero have come to a complex decision making, whether to kill the dragon or not.

So, because I am bad at making stories, what if I fill up the many pages of my game with details instead.
Background - Saltwind settlement is a rugged living residential, most people here are small buisnesses like dried fish sellers, shoes fixers and salt carrier.

Scenery - There was a beautiful mansion owned by a rich and noble house, after the king died, the prince bought that mansion and make it heavily guarded, the mansion is tall enough to see the wide view of the ocean. There are jobs available for ship builders. It seems like the prince is trying to build a naval army even though the advisor is against the idea.

Map - The atlantis is an island with many steep slopes and unnatural caverns and tunnels. The hero have to navigate through the seas towards this island which is easily missable because of its small area size.

Enemies - We already planted in many enemies that were of human, how about we add in prince's soldiers, the mansion previous owner and his family, deers, deers monsters, immigrants chased out of their own house from another village which is claimed by the new prince.

Items - Eventually the hero have to slay the dragon, some iconic items can be weapons or armours featured in legends of other quests. If the hero avoids slaying the dragon, the dragon might meet him instead, will he be able to setup traps or bargain in advance or can the dragon talk at all?

Example of credits list
Robin Hood story https://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/832/pg832-images.html
Resource Director Ip Man https://textadventures.co.uk/user/view/O72mKNjj_UqQfB5NYm5-6w/ip-man
Dragon of atlantis story foxrain4
Gamerules foxrain4 https://textadventures.co.uk/user/view/ww0gaaqih0ano-9dlqahtq/daeun

One thought... start at the end and work backwards...
Slay the dragon, how do you get to this point? what weapons will be needed, will it be a special blade, or spear to do it?
How do you make the blade? Or who can make it for you? what will this person need to make it? what do you need to do to get the material?
Or maybe not to slay the dragon? What would the dragon want to not kill you? What could you do that the dragon couldn't do for himself? Maybe there is something in the human world he wants, Maybe there is an old wizard he knew from way back that he wanted to see again. Maybe there was something that the wizard crafted for him, but it was never delivered, but the dragon still wants it. Maybe, by helping the dragon, you could rule the island with his help, and control who can migrate there.

Or how about a trick that is used in some movies:
"You stand out side the cavern of the dragon, Sknarth'a'Raual, the legionary dragon of the Isle of Atlantis. With your spear, forged by the smith, Dart Monot, blessed by the Nordoc Monks, and enchanted by the Witch, that never gave you her name, in your hand, you ready yourself to finally face the dragon himself. Just as you enter the cave, an unexpected warm breeze exits the cave making you wonder, does the dragon know I'm coming and is he just waiting for you to enter and with his breath, fry you to a cinder. For a moment, you think back to that night in the tavern, so long ago, when you decided that making shoes just wasn't the life for you. When you were going to spend the last few coins and try and drink yourself to death. It was then when you overheard, at a nearby table, the tale of a dragon, it's riches, and thought to yourself, what better way to go out... Not as some worthless cobbler, but as a dragon slayer! Even if you died on this quest, people would still sing song of your deeds."
So in a way, the story is your "history" of how you got to this point.

It's a slight change to your start, but it's an idea...

In remixing of DarkLizerd's story.
There will be random rumours on the dragon's details and how to kill it.
It is said that a blade forged in fire is the only way to slice through the armour of the ice dragon.
But another would say that an enchanted throwing spear that sticks onto the dragon's scales is the best way of injuring it and making it flightless which will be easier to combat with. I am going to make these weapons easy to find like the other items, they can be found at shops but perhaps at a higher price, whether they are true or not is randomized.

If one hangs around at atlantis isle long enough, everyone would know that the dragon is protecting his ice mountain, so as long as people live at the beachside, the dragon actually do not chase after or eat the trespassers. There is a short legend found in random scrolls depicting of an ice dragon being banished to a faraway island. If someone could find a wizard to teleport it back to its original home domain, the dragon would be free again. Alternatively if you help the ice dragon to fend off incoming island visitors, the dragon will treat you and your fellowers as the worshippers of the dragons, granting you a bigger piece of territory called the coconut hills, this can bring you to a different ending rather than just killing the dragon.

The last paragraph seems to be more suitable for a failed dragonslayer that returned alive when attempting to slaughter the titanic dragon. "I stood outside the cavern of the dragon, Sknarth'a'Raual, the legendary dragon of the isle of atlantis. My spear was forged by the smith, Dart Monot, blessed by the Nordoc Monks, and enchanted by the Witch, that never revealed her name, in my hand. I ready myself to finally face the dragon himself. But just as I entered the cave, an unexpected warm breeze exits the cave making me wonder was it the dragon's breath?" I decided to back off and indeed, a long range of snuffing fire blaze the icy caverns and almost torched me into cinder. I told you this story, because you would need more than just bravery to kill this apex predator, you would need a friend or two."
The player is given different ways to interact with this unbelievable dragonslayer, but there is only one way to make him your companion, he would never give up his fighting equipment for whatever reason.

I know that I am not supposed to add on details from my future games, but what if I clone something similar and insignificant like a random enemy to be killed that would not affect the story development?
So for Even the dead, we can clone zombies, they are kept in a dungeon, possibly an experiment went wrong.
So for Luminara, we can clone golems as the atlantis isle is lacking in enemies while it have steep cliffs, a favourite environment for the golems.
Of course, these future game spoilers will be harder to find and offer ordinary loots, but it helps to build up my world a little bit more.

Alternate credits list that have no links
Dragonslayer DarkLizerd
Robin Hood J. Walker McSpadden
Resource Director Ip Man
Dragon of atlantis foxrain4
Gamerules foxrain4

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