Epic Prose!!!

Hey I would love to get some more plays on my retro styled text adventure/rpg, it's called Epic Prose, you are the lone surviver of a village that was burned down by a terrible dragon, you vow to destroy the dragon!
I made this game in C++ in 2 weeks for a class project, it turned out really good, so now I'm working on remaking it in C# bigger and better with many more features and I plan on making a sequel.


Killed too quickly... but...
On restart, replay the intro, or ask if the player wants to watch it again...
and... it would help to see the stats of what I'm fighting...
Should I keep fighting because it is almost dead, or run because I have barely wounded it and I'm almost dead?

attack/fight/att -> attack the enemy.
run/flee/escape -> run from the battle.
potion/potions/use -> use a potion.
quit -> quit the game.

Is there a rest command?
Are you planning on a Quest version?
As a simple monster basher, it fills the bill...

I'll second the request to let the player have an idea of how the current enemy is doing. Maybe not exact hitpoints, but "it looks untouched/barely scratched/hurt" would at least allow for informed decisions.

It would also be useful to change the command prompt while in a conversation. Wasn't hard to figure out that I had to type "bye" to leave it, but every little bit helps. And presumably it's the same in combat.

(See also my mini-review over on GameJolt.)

OK thanks for the input! I did have the enemies health show originally, but I took it out to add more challenge to the game, the suggestion of not exact is really good I'll use that! There is resting outside of battle and it's recommended you rest after every battle. I'm working on a special edition and I'll be sure to include your suggestions, there is a demo on game jolt, I was working on a sequel, but decided to remake the original 1st, I plan on adding a lot more, there is already fighting with NPCs and talking with enemy bosses, there is some ascii art and I want to add in a map, I'm putting in magic and spells and side quests/mini bosses and saving, I really want to add another area and dungeons! This one was also one word input, the standard C++ string input ends the string at the 1st space, but now I'm using C# so I can do so much more! Thanks again everybody!

I did discover, using the "?" that there are other commands not listed in your "help"...

Thanks for the input and bug finds, I'm working on the Special Edition version now it follows the same story but is much more advanced it has one and 2 word input as well as many things I wasn't able to include in the original including: attacking and killing NPCs, talking to bosses, more advanced inventory system, more advanced stat system - no character xp/level system, it uses a stat based system instead.
I'm also adding in mini bosses and quests I didn't get to as well as spell casting and saving and loading and battle reactions.
New things I have added already include ASCII art text, animated text and menus, there is a main menu and a battle menu, charisma is used for buying and selling and characters have alignment and gender now, also carrying capacity, and multiple characters in one location.
New things I want to add in include dungeons/mazes more locations, more NPCs, more monsters and items, maybe an ASCII art map, and more detailed descriptions of things
Check it out: http://gamejolt.com/games/epic_prose_SE/255989

Ver 1 smaller than ver 0???
OK, picky but:
1: like the ASCI art... nice addition!!!
2: I know "spe Roll" is shorthand for speed roll... go ahead and spell it out for the player text.
3: Clear screen before new text allow the text to remain in the same place and the player does not see the text jump with each update then has to chase down where the new text is...
4: "Encounter Roll"... nice to see, but if you drop that, then you could have...
"You rest for one hour..." could add "And you feel (HP gained) better..."
clear screen
"you rest for two hours..."
clear screen
"Your rest is interrupted when a (creature) attacks!"
5: Square up the buy menu...

John the Blacksmith: What do you want to buy?
dagger .................. 2lbs 23gp
shortSword ................. 2lbs 103gp
longsword ...................3lbs 353gp
leather..................5lbs 33gp
chainmail....................10lbs 153gp
platemail....................15lbs 403gp

"Ver 1 smaller than ver 0???"

The new edition is written in C#, which means more of the work is done by the virtual machine and libraries (unfortunately, that's also why I can't play it). But the ASCII art is a nice touch, and I'd very much like to use the original for inspiration.

Hey thanks for the input very helpful, lots of things I overlooked, I did a lot more work on it and now what mostly has to be done is presentation stuff, story and AI.
The main reasons I moved to C# was the string functionality and I will be moving to Unity soon.
I'm glad people enjoyed it and I plan on sharing my code when I'm finished, my original C++ code can be downloaded here https://ufile.io/jokaf but was just a small project might be a good starting point for someone.

Thanks for sharing!

Welcome, I have done a lot more work on EPse and it is nearly done, just working on the biggest job, Ai. When it's complete I will be releasing the code as a library as well as tutorial videos, keep watching gamejolt!

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